Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hi Tech In Homes to Sell Quicker

I was talking to a friend recently and they asked the question about a home they were looking at if there was a land line to the home.  Their child looked confused why she was asking if there was a land line to the home.  In short the child's understanding of "land lines" is that they are the longitude and latitude lines on a map.

I won't bring up a party line here and really show my age, though for all you know a party line may be the boundary lines of my latest party :-)

The home buyers today are more interested in knowing the technology that is included for conveniences in the home, safety of the home and efficiency and cost savings of the home.  Smart home features are becoming more and more prominent in homes.

Does this technology make a difference in selling your home?  Coldwell Banker's recent survey of realtors found that 33% of the realtors surveyed believe that homes with "Smart Home Features and Technology" sell faster than homes without.

Coldwell Banker also surveyed what technology home buyers are most interested in and provided a list of 25 preferred smart home product and systems.  See the survey and article here.

It all sounds good to have smart technology, but how feasible is it to upgrade the home built in 1960?  We'll have to discuss that at a later date.

Let me know what technology you are seeing most in the homes you are selling.  How is smart home technology having an impact on your buying or selling a home?

"The Future has Arrived" (Meet the Robinsons)
Brian Olsen, WWR

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