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10 Reasons I Love Living in Wallsburg

Small towns have a special appeal for those looking to live outside of suburban and metropolitan areas. I have lived in Wallsburg with my family for the past 17 years. Here are a few of the reasons I love living in Wallsburg. 

Small towns have a special appeal for those looking to live outside of suburban and metropolitan areas. I have lived in Wallsburg with my family for the past 17 years. Here are a few of the reasons I love living in Wallsburg, Utah.

10. No Traffic

Wallsburg has one; yes one, 4-way stop.  There are other stop signs, but the main intersection is a 4-way stop. There are no traffic lights and rush hour consists of about 10 cars and maybe the school bus. You are driving the slowest when you find yourself behind a tractor. 

9. Space 

We live on just over 2 acres and love it. Having more space than is available in a suburb makes it possible for my son to have a rabbit and chickens (and keep hoping for pigs and sheep). In the past we have raised cows and had allowed the neighbors horses on our property. 

Our children love being able to play any sport, basketball, baseball, kickball, etc., in our yard without the possibility of the ball ending up in a neighbor’s yard or window. 

8. The Wallsburg Wave 

The Wallsburg wave is an easy way to tell a tourist from a resident. What is the Wallsburg wave? It's simple: the wave consists of lifting a finger as you pass.  I've had difficulty with just the one finger wave and usually use my entire hand. Remember our rush hour?  It is nice to wave and doesn't get old.  Sometimes I'll forget where I am and in Provo or Heber I'll wave to people.  It's probably good to keep them guessing :-)
Sunset in Wallsburg
Sunset in Wallsburg 
7. Living in the Mountains 

We love living in the mountains! Having an amazing view of Mount Timpanogos out our kitchen window is awe inspiring, especially during the setting of the sun. 

The other benefit of living in the mountains is the opportunity to access many hiking trails within a few minutes. Many people come to Wallsburg to connect with nature and the environment, and we enjoy the beauties of nature each day when we step outside. 

6. Seeing the Stars 

Living away from the city lights makes it easy to see the stars. On clear nights we love going outside and looking up. It's breathtaking! Whenever there is a meteor shower we try to sleep outside and watch for "shooting stars" throughout the night. 

Boating on Deer Creek
Boating on Deer Creek 
5. Boating 

Wallsburg is located very close to Deer Creek State Park. Within 10 minutes of leaving our home we can be on the water. This is great during the hot summertime. We love to get out on the water early and spend time on the lake with few other boats. 

4. Politics 

Politics are an integral part of our society. You might remember me mentioning that Wallsburg forgot to hold elections. I enjoy living in a town that does not think it is a big deal if elections are forgotten; where the mayor is a neighbor that cares about his community and there aren't constant political games.   

Flooding in Wallsburg
Flooding in Wallsburg Spring 2014

3. Working Together

From helping with flood water to picking potatoes; people in Wallsburg are a great example of working together. Last year we had some flooding problems, and while some went into Heber to get sand bags others grabbed shovels, got on tractors, and got to work. 

2. Slower Pace 

Being away from all the traffic and shopping brings a calm, slower pace to life. We love the less stressful lifestyle Wallsburg cultivates. We like that, though living in Wallsburg brings a slower pace to life, we are not far from stores. It only takes about 20 minutes to get to either Heber City or Provo/Orem. 

1. Quiet

Shh, listen. What do you hear? In Wallsburg summer nights are filled of the serene sounds of wind in the trees and chirping crickets. Winter nights are almost completely silent. 

When my oldest daughter moved away to college she had a very hard time sleeping at first. She moved to Orem where streetlights lit her room and the noise of traffic was ever-present. After growing up in Wallsburg she was so used to quiet, dark, nights, it took her quite a while to adjust to living in a more populated area. 

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