Friday, June 27, 2014

Questions to ask a Landlord before signing

If the opportunity to buy a home is not a realty for you yet and you need to find a place to rent, here are some questions from the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog you may want to consider asking before signing a contract.

Then once you are ready to purchase a home, whether here in Utah or across the country let me know.  We'll work to find you an ideal home or provide you a referral for a competant realtor to work with you.

Either way, best of luck getting a roof over head.
Brian Olsen, WWR

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Family Entrepreneur's

My father started a construction business with his brothers and after splitting up with them he started a construction business with his cousin.  They again split up and then my father worked with my mother to start a construction company that subcontracted first plaster work, then commercial drywall work.

My siblings and I grew up working in the business and we conversed about business at family gatherings and on family vacations.  I cherish and value the experiences and what I learned from my father.

After seeing my siblings are go different ways and having left construction myself and now working as a realtor, I see myself working with my children to teach them entrepreneurial skills.

This article, 3 Family Benefits to owning your own Business has some good thoughts and like me it will probably spur additional reasons why you have started your own business full time or like a lot of people have a part time business to be able to reap some of the same benefits.

Do you think that the familial benefits of owning your own business are more important than the financial benefits?

"Teach me why and I will figure out how"  Unkown

Brian Olsen, WWR

Monday, June 23, 2014

 What does your dream home have? A playroom or a playhouse? Checkout this home that has both

Playroom Vs Playhouse

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Think Before You Try To Sell Your Home

What can I do to make my house sell quick?  That is the $99 question and depending on the property it may require a $990 answer. has an article with the 7 biggest home-buyer turnoffs. Here is a list of the big 7 so you know what to avoid.

1. Pets and their things

2. Toys and Baby Supplies

3. Cooking Smells

4. Cigarette Smoke

5. Dirty Dishes, Cluttered Counters

6. Messy Bathrooms

7. Dirty Toilets

Set it up nice and at the right price and before you know it, you'll have your property sold.

Brian Olsen, WWR

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happily Employed

According to Glassdoor's Employment Satisfaction Report Utah makes the top 10 of  50 Cities with the top Employment Satisfaction for 2014.

Top 10:

1. San Jose, CA

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Washington D.C.

4. Norfolk, VA

5. Salt Lake City, UT

6.  San Diego, CA

7. Seattle, WA

8. Oklahoma City, OK

9. San Antonio, TX

10. Austin, TX

"By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day."
- Robert Frost

Brian Olsen, WWR

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Exercise in the Morning

When I get up first thing I usually start thinking about all that I need to do in the day and pretty soon I'm sitting at my desk doing research on the real estate market, connecting with people on social media, writing a blog post about what I do when I get up or once in a while I go play some raquetball or basketball.

Well, I just read 7 Reasons You Should Wake Up Early To Exercise and I'm thinking that I better get better and exercising first before I get to busy in the minutia of work.

Well, it is only mid-June, why not set a new goal to start exercising consistently and to do it in the morning.

How are you doing on your new years goal to exercise?  Is it time to recommit?

Brian Olsen, WWR

Careful Where You Build

Plat maps, easements, survey boundaries, right of way, are some of the critical items to determine when buying property or when building a home.

How about finishing a $1.8 million home and then learn it is located on a Park and must be moved or torn down.  Providence, Rhode Island has found a contractor in this situation, $1.8 M house must be removed.

"Good judgement is usually the result of experience and experience frequently is the result of bad judgement."  Robert Lovell

Brian Olsen, WWR

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 " Upgrades" to avoid

Looking to do some upgrades in your home? According to msn real estate these are 5 "upgrades to avoid"

1. Home Office

2. Concrete Patio

3. Green Marble Counters

4. Tennis and Basketball Courts

5. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

I'm wondering about the Tennis / Basketball court.  Who wouldn't want to have one of those?
Well good luck on your own upgrades.

Brian Olsen, WWR

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heber City Real Estate Market May 2014

Heber City Real Estate Market May 2014

Healthiest Places in the US

I believe you can find a study for about anything you want to know.  This 15 Healthiest Cities in theU.S. is interesting.  The top city is Washington D.C.  I guess when the politicians and lobbyists aren't trying to regulate someone or something, they are exercising.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lehi UT Residential Market May 2014

Lehi UT Residential Market May 2014

Hiking up Little Valley

One of the great things about living in the middle of the mountains is being able to go hiking very easily. It isn't a big process getting ready. We can just go for a quick hike really easily. The paths around here are easy enough to take the whole family!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New College Graduate, Now What....

Had the opportunity to speak with a couple of good friends of mine in that past couple of weeks that recently graduated from universities and they both have been hired by good companies and they are off on their new adventure as a college graduate.

Check out this opinion of best cities to live in for new college grads:   10 Best Cities for New College Grads

101 Things to do in Wasatch County this Summer

1. Antique Power Show in Wallsburg
Antique Power Show in Wallsburg


        Enjoy musical performances Friday starting at 5pm; Saturday and Sunday starting at 11am

4. Boating 
        Get out that boat and take it out on beautiful Deer Creek for the day. You can also rent boats at 
        Deer Creek Marina 

5. Farmers Market and Concerts in the Park
         Every Thursday from June 13 to August 29 there will be a Farmers' Market that opens at 4pm and                concerts that begin at 6:30pm. Located at the Heber City Park on Main Street.

6. Homestead Resort Summer Concert Series
Homestead Resort Summer Concert Series

7. Russ McDonald Field
           June 9-15 "Made in the Shade" B-25 will be at the field with tours and rides available on those days.

8.  Visit the Train 
         Be sure and try one of there amazing shakes!

9. "Back to the 50's" Car Show
        This annual car show is held in the Heber City Park on main street. Its free to spectators.

10. Take a Hike
        We love to go Hiking up the Canyons in Wallsburg.

Hiking In Wallsburg

Hiking In Wallsburg

11. Take A Ride on the Heber Creeper
         June 23-28 are Dinosaur Days if Dinosaurs aren't your thing check out the other train rides available.

12. See an outdoor play
        Oklahoma! performed June 27-July 12 in Midway

13. Go Camping!
       There are so many different places to camp Wasatch County. This year our family is having a reunion at        the Heber Valley Camp.

14. Tour Historic Huber Grove
        From 11am-2pm on June 8 and 28; July 6, 12 and 27; as well as August 2 and 10.

15. Heber Valley Hanger and Museum
          The Museum is open Thursday- Sunday, May 1 - October 31.

16. Audition to be in A Midsummer Night's Dream
          Auditions will be June 24 & 25

17. See A Midsummer Night's Dream
         August 22,23,29,30 and September 5 & 6 performed by the Timpanogos Valley Theater

18. Boy Scout Breakfast
        July 4 at the Wallsburg Park from 6:00-8:00 AM the boy scouts will be serving up a delicious                       breakfast.

19. Midway Swiss Days
       August 29 and 30 be sure to come and see a town turned Swiss.

20. Fireworks over the Lake
     On July 24th come early to find a nice spot around or on deer creek to watch the fireworks.

21. Go to a quilt show at the Zermatt Resort 
      June 26 and 27 10am-4pm

22. July 4th Fireworks
       at about 10pm Fireworks will be set of from Memorial Hill in Midway.

23. Mountain Bike where Olympians have skied 
      Solder Hollow was the location for some events during the 2001 Winter Olympics, now those same             cross country ski trails are used during the summer as amazing bike trails.

24. Sheepdog Championship 
       Held at Soldier Hollow Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 29-31 and Sept 1)

25. Golf 

26. Craving Chinese Food?
        Try Hebers Canton City

27. The Crater
        The only thing I have ever done at the crater is Scuba Dive but you can also swim and snorkel.

28.Small Town 24th
        For the small town fill enjoy the 24 in Wallsburg. Food, Activities as well as a raffle; and don't forget             the parade to start the day.

29. Moondance Train, Car Show and Dance 
       July 12 from 6:30-11pm at the Heber Valley Railroad

30. Wasatch County Fair 
        "It's Always a Family Affair!" July 26- August 2

31. Take Pictures of Nature
        From the mouth of Provo Canyon all through out Wasatch County are beautiful photographic areas.

32. Play Baseball

33. Memorial Hill
       Take a walk into the past as you walk around Memorial Hill. The monument at the top is interesting and         informative. Don't forget to take in a view of the valley!

34. Play at the Park
        Each city in Wasatch County has at least one park. Take the kids out for a few hours and see which             one is your favorite.

35. Picnicking

36. Mountain Valley Stampede
      August 1-2 you can get tickets online or at Days Market

37. Fly a Kite

38. Demolition Derby
      July 26 at 6pm

39. Learn how to sew 
      Wasatch County 4-H has sewing camps in Heber City and Wallsburg.

40.Go to a movie
     There are 2 theaters located on main street in Heber City.

41. Play Ultimate Frisbee

42. Shooting Range 
       Shooting Skeet what could be more fun then that?

43. Have a Bonfire

44.Visit Currant Creek Reservoir
        Fishing is the main activity at the Reservoir.

45. Visit at Daniels Summit Lodge
        Plane a weekend to stay at the Lodge or just stop by to have dinner.

46. Jordanelle State Park
         Wither you spend just a couple hours our a couple days at the Jordanelle State Park your sure to have           a great time.

47. Visit William Wall
        In the Heber City Park on Main Street there is a Statue of William Wall on a horse. Its larger than life.

48. Canoeing

49. Tour the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum 
        Open May- September 11:30am-4:30pm Tuesday through Saturday.

50. Explore Cascade Springs
        You can access Cascade Springs from both Utah County and Wasatch County.

51.Get Ice Cream
       Visit the Kohler Creamery in Midway not only for Ice Cream but also Cheese.

52. Climb Turtle Hill

53.Go GeoCaching

54.See Historical Sites
 Bell - Wallsburg

Old Store - Wallsburg

55. Go for a Horse Ride

56. Visit "The Spot"
         With names like Barbie, Mr. Invisible and Smurf what will you try?

57. Go to a Rodeo
        There is a Rodeo at the Wallsburg July 24 celebration and also again during Fair Days in Heber City.

58. Feed the Ducks on the pond at Spring Creek in Wallsburg

59. Play in the Creek
        The Creek up Main Canyon in Wallsburg is a fun place for kids to play.

60.Build a Sand Castle
       With so many beaches there has to be something to do on the beach. If sand castles aren't your thing             you could always start a game of Sand Volleyball.

61.Skate at the Skate Park in Heber City

62.  Eat at the Hub
         At the main intersection is "The Hub Cafe"  you can dine in or get it to go.

63.Go Bowling
       Holiday lanes is not only a good place to bowl but a lot of people love to eat here.

64. Bird Watch

65. Collect Brag Tags
       Kids age 2-18 can collect these tags for being unplugged and getting out and doing different activities            this summer.

66. Enjoy a Motorcycle Ride
       The mountains are a great place to go for a ride. You can drive slow and enjoy the mountain air and              scenery.

67.  Watch the Kite Boarding on Deer Creek Reservoir

68.Go on an Adventure
        From Hot Air Balloons to Hiking what adventure will you go on?

69.  Ride 4-wheelers and Dirt Bikes up the Canyons
         Going up the dirt road in either main canyon or little valley in Wallsburg is always a lot of fun.  

70. Learn to Fly a Plane
        Go on a Discovery Flight where you even take the controls.

71. Try Tarahumara
        Don't miss there salsa bar there are tons of different flavors to try.

72. Jet ski

73. Bike or Longboard Provo Canyon
       Take the whole family this biking trail is fun for everyone.

74. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise over Mount Timpanogos

75. Float Provo River
        If you don't have your own tubes to float the river be sure to check High Country Adventure.

76. Make S'mores
        Marshmallows, Gram Crackers and Chocolate need I say more?

77. Zipline in Provo Canyon
       Make sure you reserve your spot.
78. Have a Dutch Oven Dinner

79. Go Treasure Hunting
      What treasure will you find hunting in the thrift store and local yard sales?

80. Go Window Shopping

81. Serve
         Habitat for Humanity always has projects that they would love help with.

82. Swim - Jordanalle or Deer Creek Reservoirs and for those who want some chlorination try the Wasatch Aquatic Center

83. Go House Hunting
        Look for that dream home up in the mountains.

84. Go to the Spa
       Daniels Summit Lodge, The Zermatt and the Homestead all of Spas.

85. Have a Photoshoot

86.  Go for a Walk
        Pick a trail, road or path and take a walk.

87. Shopping
        There are a lot of different types of stores in Wasatch county. There is something for everyone                       shopping in Midway or Heber.

88. Take A Drive

89. Read a Book
        Go to the library and get a book to read.

90. Getaway for the Weekend
       With a variety of resorts and hotels in the area, just getaway from everything for the weekend.

91. Take Summer Classes
        UVU Wasatch Campus is a great place to get a few extra credits.

92. Get Creative
       Make a craft, do some tie dye.

93.Go Miniature Golfing

94. Eat at the Blue Boar Inn
        located in Midway the Blue Boar Inn is European Chateau style building.

95.  Climb a Wall
         With over 2,000 square feet of climbing there is something for everyone when you go climbing at the              largest climbing gym in Wasatch County.

96. Outdoor Movie
        Wednesday July 30

97. Paddle Boarding

98.Go to a Fashion Show
        July 30 at 3pm there is a talent and fashion show.

99. Adopt an Animal
        Adopt a dog or a cat and give them a new home.

100. Go Sailing

101. Artisan Cheese Tasting
          See how cheese is made and try 30-40 new cheeses for only $7.

Have fun and let me know what you do that can be added to this list.
Brian Olsen
Wallsburg World Realtor

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