Wednesday, May 29, 2019

And Justice For All - Utah

Great Opportunity this morning to attend the 2019 Justice Rising Breakfast with "and Justice for all".

Happy 20th Anniversary to a great organization. Hiring an attorney can be nerve-racking. However, when you need an attorney to represent you, they can also replace despair with peace and hope. Your attorney is there to serve your best interests.

"and Justice for all" is a non-profit that provides legal services, free of charge, to "...for Utahs most vulnerable citizens - people living in poverty, individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors, minorities and victims of domestic violence."

If you or anyone you know needs legal assistance contact this organization and see if they are able to assist you.

Here is some information about their stats for 2018. It is very impressive to see how much $1.00 donation provides in return.

Thanks to the Coldwell Banker Foundation for contributing to this great organization.


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