Friday, March 29, 2019

What to Consider Before You Make Your Property a Vacation Rental, VRBO, Airbnb

Are you considering whether or not to rent out your home?? One of the biggest decisions you need to make is considering property management.

As a realtor, a very common question perspective home buyers ask me is in relation to their options for short-term rentals. "Can I have my own property management take care of the property or do I have to use a designated management company?"

People wonder whether their condo, townhome complex or even the property HOA will allow your own property management with short term rentals. This is something you should also consider!

If you can use your own property management, that's what I would suggest. Here are two reasons why

1. More Money
2. More Control 

More Money
For the income, you're going to make more money, in fact, this is the primary reason why I would manage your own rental property.

More Control
You know what is going on. You are in control of what is going on. You are in charge.

What using your own property management might look like...

So if you do have a property and are considering short term rental, here is how one of my former clients does it!

This client does all of his rentals through VRBO. He has hired a couple to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the place. If there is an issue with the renters they will call him directly, but then he gets a hold of his maintenance team who is on call to go unplug the toilet or whatever.

He gets all of the requests for the dates to rent, so he manages all of that. He also makes sure that they get the key to the renters.

However, as far as the money goes, he says he expects and he has gotten between 10-12% on his money and so that's a pretty good return.

Using the property's management company....

Now like with the lodges here at Deer Valley where you don't have a choice, if you're going to rent your place you have to let it go into the rental pool. The management company will just take care of it all, you don't even know when it's rented. I guess you could find out, but they take care of coordinating the rental, they take care of taking care of the people, the concierge. You know what your income is on that. (The split on The Lodge's is 53% goes to the owner)

So anyway, to put it simply those are your two choices.

If you can use your own property management company then you'll put more time into it, but you'll net more money. 

If there is an on-site or a designated property management company then you'll save time, you won't have to deal with everything, but you won't get as much income.

If you have any questions let me know! I am happy to help you if you have a question about any of this just give me a call, I'd love to help you! Take care.

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Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Monday, March 25, 2019

Park City Views and 2019 Trending Paint Colors

Hey everyone, I'm in Park City enjoying these views today! If you a take a look at the video, you'll see how beautiful it is, and what a wonderful place Park City is to live!

I got to spend some time today in a home in the April Mountain subdivision in Park City. Just below this area is old town Park City. There are gorgeous views of the ski resort here, making this such a beautiful location. 

I want to talk to you about home color trends for 2019. 

Just a few months ago I met with a number of realtors and paint company representatives.

They talked about what home colors will be trending in 2019. It was interesting, because many of the colors they mentioned included the schematics of different gray shades. 

In a recent article written by Decor Aid, two of their top ten 2019 paint colors were different tones of gray. 

Lilac Gray: For those looking for a warm and minimalist feel in their home, they suggest using this color. I personally love the pairing of light blues and yellows along with this light gray tone as shown in the picture below. 

Photo from Decor Aid, see link for original

Pewter: This paint shade is extremely versatile. Decor Aid suggests to "take pewter paint color ideas throughout your home rather than just one room as it's one shade that works with everything, everywhere." This dark shade gives great contrast in rooms and can be used on the walls along with furniture, throw pillows and art. Paired with white it adds dimension and warmth. 

Photo from Decor Aid, see link for original

Black cabinets, black counter tops with a white backsplash and white walls are also predicted to be popular. 

The home I saw in Park City today was gorgeous! There are many similar homes in the area that are currently listed if you'd like to walk through them with me.

Give me a call if you have any decor trend questions and I'll get you in touch with the right people!

We can also check out the beautiful Park City area and some of the homes! Whether you want a second home with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms for family gatherings or if you're looking for a primary residence this area is ideal. 

Give me a call! I'd love to help you out in Park City, Wasatch Back or the Wasatch Front. Take care!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Provo Canyon - Only closed twice in 20 Years

This video is not from today, it was made and then uploaded later.

Hey everyone, I am in Provo Canyon and you can see a little backup of cars! I often have people that are looking to move up Provo Canyon or towards this way that say, "Oh but the canyon is often closed..." I've lived in Wallsburg for twenty years now, and this is the second time it's happened to me! Take a look at the video to see just how beautiful Provo Canyon is! 

20 years, 2 times. This is such a beautiful Canyon and I feel privileged to drive up and down it every day! I'm actually grateful that this happens every once in a while, just to remind me of the beauty! Not that it's easy to forget; I mean this Canyon is gorgeous and I love looking at it as I drive up and down the canyon. 

I hope this answers some questions people often have asked me about the canyon. It's really a good and well-maintained road. It is seldom closed despite the many rumors and I thoroughly enjoy living at the top of it. Absolutely nothing can beat these views! 

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Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Monday, March 18, 2019

Have you tried Water Lily Pads?

The Lindon Aquatics Center is awesome! We love coming here with our friends and family for the free event each year with Coldwell Banker! Let me know if you would like an invite to our next client appreciation event this summer!

Client Appreciation Breakfast

Coldwell Banker has so many fun events! We enjoyed our Coldwell Banker Client Appreciation breakfast. Please get in touch and be sure to come by for our next event! You, as my reader, are invited to attend any and all events! I would love to get to know you better. Please give me a call and I'll get you an invite!

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Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Friday, March 15, 2019

Slip 'N Slide Fun

Slip'n Slides sure are fun! Especially when it's this long!

Need to find a property so you can make a slip'n slide like this? I'm here to help!! 

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Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Thursday, March 14, 2019

March Madness 2019

You're invited to participate in my FREE CONTEST! 
You could be the winner of some amazing prizes!

Enter the contest anytime between
March 17th (Selection Sunday) through
10 AM March 21st *Mountain Standard Time

It's simple to enter! CLICK HERE to enter!! 

Basketball is such a fun sport and my family thoroughly enjoys playing basketball as well as watching basketball.
This March Madness competition is something fun that we look forward to each year. Whether you know anything about basketball or not we hope you will join us and know of our appreciation for the friendship of so many wonderful people.

You have 8 CHANCES to win a prize!!

1st Place: $100 Gift Card to Ruth's Chris
2nd Place: $50 PF Changs Gift Card & 2 Cinemark Movie Passes
3rd Place: $50 PF Changs Gift Card
4th Place: 2 Cinemark Movie Passes
5th Place: $25 Cold Stone Gift Card
9th Place: $25 Cold Stone Gift Card
18th Place: $25 Cold Stone Gift Card
27th Place: $25 Cold Stone Gift Card

We have a number of other activities throughout the year so follow me on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

Contact me for your Real Estate needs. I help you increase your confidence and decrease your risk.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Home Improvement - Finish Your Basement - DIY

Do you have home improvement projects to work on?

Are you not sure where to start??

Finishing your basement can significantly increase the value of your home. 

I just helped my son finish the drywall for the basement in his in-law's home so him and his wife could move in after just being recently married.

Here are my 3 simple tips for remodeling:

1. If you can, do it yourself, but consider hiring a professional for the electrical and plumbing.

2. Keep in mind there will be intensive labor such as the sheet rocking shown in this video.

3. Map out all the details before you start. Make a plan.

If you have any questions about remodeling, I could answer them for you! If not, I'll be sure to point you in the right direction. I am here to help you make your home the best it can be for your own enjoyment or ready for the market!

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.

Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Monday, March 4, 2019

Lindon Pool Party

You may be too cold still to think about swimming outdoors here in Utah. However, August will be here before you know it and with that is our annual Coldwell Banker Client Appreciation Party at the Lindon Pool.
We have great food, great competitions, and more often than not great weather. One of the most fun things to participate in is the "Lily-Pad Race".
I'm always so grateful for those I get to work within Real Estate and those that continue to refer their friends and family to me. Please plan on attending our Pool Party and we'll see who wins the competition this year. Hope to see you there!

Watch for more information with the date and time.

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.

Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

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