Monday, January 28, 2019

Old and New Saratoga Springs

Hello everyone, I am in Saratoga Springs looking at a home here and just wanted to share a couple things with you. Saratoga Springs is the coolest place and this home is in the area that used to have the marina and the old hot springs.

If you know much about Saratoga Springs, it's a cool story about a guy named John Beck. He was working in the Tintic district of Utah and had made a ton of money in the mines out there. He came over to this side, saw the hot springs and then bought approximately a thousand acres and turned it into a resort. He named it Saratoga Springs after the Saratoga Springs Resort in New York.

It was the late 1800’s when he started it (not that I go back that far) but I do remember coming here in the 70’s. There were parks, picnic tables, a water slide and of course the hot springs. I was a really, really cool place. Now it is homes.

This home is a great home; just over 5,700 square feet, six bedrooms, four baths. But the thing that's really cool is this home is in a location where they have an HOA and it's around $100 a month. They have two pools, they have the dock, in fact, you can see the lake right here in the video. They have a private marina, dock, they have basketball courts, they have pavilions, a couple clubhouses. It's amazing what they have in this HOA for such a low price!

Saratoga, as I'm sure everybody's heard...Saratoga, Eagle Mountain, all of this side of the lake...has been growing like crazy! In this area here they have houses built, but they're not on top of each other.

So if you're interested in living in Saratoga let me know! If you're interested in the history I'd love to talk to you about that too, it's a pretty fun history.  

Give me a call if you're interested in buying or selling Saratoga! Add that to your list, I'd love to help you!

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.
Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Friday, January 25, 2019

Are you interested in a Real Estate Career?

Have you thought about getting into real estate? 

Have you thought about becoming a Realtor?

Every year we have an open house where you can talk to people about real estate; we have Realtors that will share some experiences of what they do and what's helped them be successful.

I made this video before our last career night, contact me for more information about this year's event!

Read on for more about one of the reasons why I love being a realtor:

One of the things that I really like about real estate is the networking.

I've had my real estate license for about 6 years now, and a couple years ago I saw this billboard that caught my eye. It was during the election and a lot of you probably saw this particular billboard! 

On the billboard was a picture of Hillary and Trump with the words displayed: "Are you moving to Canada?" It was the kind of the spoof that made you question who you would choose; and, will you be moving to Canada despite who wins? 

I thought it was hilarious!

Jimmy is the name of the guy who created the billboard, and I called him soon after that. I had heard about some of his tactics and how well they were working. 

He's a very successful realtor! 

On that call I was amazed at how eager he was to explain, he was so friendly. I'm with Coldwell Banker, and although he isn't, he was so friendly and willing to give me some pointers on a few things that have really helped me. 

I'd had my real estate license about three and a half years at that time. Anyways, I saw him again today while I was in Park City and had the chance to talk with him and ask a few more questions. 

I would love to help you just as he has helped me!

If you're interested in real estate, they keep saying now's the best time to get into real estate just simply because the market is so hot for sellers and there are a lot of buyers. 

It's a lot of work either way, but if you're interested in real estate, let me know. 

I would love to hop on a phone call and talk about Real Estate! I too am eager and would love to meet you and just talk with you about real estate. If it's something you might be interested in, I'll let you know how I went through the process. 

Coldwell Banker has some good options and I'd be happy to share them with you. 

Please contact me, I am here for you!

Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Coldwell Banker Career Night - Thursday Jan 24th

What is it like to be a Realtor? Is it easy to make money? How can you be a successful Realtor? Come find out more at a Career Night on Thursday, January 24th at 6:00 PM at the Orem Coldwell Banker office, 354 W. Center St, 2nd floor.

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.

Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker


Monday, January 21, 2019

Appraisals & Views

Hey, everyone, hope you're having a great evening. I wanted to take a minute and just share some thoughts about some appraisal situations. I also wanted to share with you this view here. This is one of the best views you'll ever see anywhere, I just love this. Could Midway, UT be any more beautiful?

A recent situation has urged me to share with you a couple things you need to know specifically as a buyer (somewhat as a seller) about appraisals.

As a buyer, you need to get the appraisal; the lender is going to order the appraisal, the appraisal will come in. You need to know that you have a right to that appraisal. There was a law passed in 2010; the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and that law said that the lender is obligated to give you, the buyer, a copy of the appraisal. And they're supposed to give it to you promptly after they receive it or within three days of closing, whichever one is earlier.

Now why should you make sure you get that appraisal? You're going through the lending process and need to make sure you have the correct value of that property. Look and review what the comparables were and what was used in some of the properties.

This is an instance where having a Realtor will become beneficial to you. Your realtor will start working with the seller's agent because that agent is going to know the specific area. They'll know what comparables they looked at when they originally priced the home. This is critical because sometimes you'll get a comparable of a home that's the same acreage, same square footage, but it may have been distressed or have a problem. The listing agent is probably going to know all of these details.

So make sure you get that appraisal! Your lender not only is obligated to give you the appraisal but any additional paperwork, any reviews...anything else that he's using to get your loan put together or that the appraiser used to come up with the appraisal of the property.

It is critical that you know this! Take the opportunity to work with your lender, let him know as soon as the appraisal comes in: "Give me a copy of the appraisal. I want to review it, I want to make sure that I'm getting some good value in my property."

If you have a question about appraisals give me a call, shoot me a text or message and I'd love to help you.

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.


Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Friday, January 18, 2019

CB Foundation Golf Fundraiser

We enjoyed a fun day of golf with all proceeds going to good causes through the CB Foundation a few months ago in August of 2018!

The foundation raises money to donate to charitable causes: Huntsman Cancer, Primary Children's Hospital, and Autism of Utah.

Last year they donated $30,000 to Autism of Utah. The foundation also gives a big chunk to Huntsman Cancer Institute as well as the Dave Rose foundation. They raised over $130,000 last year for the Huntsman Cancer Center. Amazing!

I'm proud to be a part of Coldwell Banker and all the wonderful opportunities I have to serve and raise proceeds for charities. And what a fun day I had with my fellow agents play golf on a such a beautiful day!

We also make donations with all of our buyers and sellers. When we have a closing, we make donations to these different charitable groups with every single transaction.

I have loved being affiliated with Coldwell Banker because of their CB Foundation. If you're a golfer let me know and we'll get you up here next year to Bountiful and help us raise some money for the foundation.

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.

Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

Monday, January 7, 2019

Awesome Mountain Views & Landscaping

5200 SF Home on 2.7-Acres in the Wasatch Back

How about a couple of ponds and stream in your backyard with plenty of grass and full grown trees? Add to that a beautiful gas fire pit, a few lights shining into the trees, a few lamp posts around the perimeter and bridges over the stream.

This 5,200 sf home includes a large deck overlooking the backyard and get the wonderful feeling of being far from any city, then remember you are only three minutes to downtown Midway, Utah and 25 minutes to downtown Park City, Utah.

This is an amazing location and home which you can be seen even better in this video.

Contact me for more information and for all your Real Estate needs.

Brian Olsen - Coldwell Banker

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