Monday, December 25, 2017

RE Video, Video and More Video

I'm in Wallsburg and I have a crew here with me and we have been videoing. Video is so huge in real estate and I know I talk about this quite a bit, but it is amazing what is happening.

Cisco predicts that by 2021 video will make up 82% of all internet traffic. In 2016 video accounted for 73% of internet traffic.

Cord cutters generate twice as much internet traffic as those who still pay for regular TV (according to Cisco).

Most people think of Netflix and Amazon streaming video as well as many other options, however Facebook live, webinars, podcast video and vlogging, as well as video text are all on the increase - I'm sure I left out a lot of additional video options.

An couple of additional interesting stats are first that 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound and an estimated 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

Good luck with your own videos!

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
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Monday, December 18, 2017

FaceTime Home Buying

Hey everyone, as you can see from my title on this Facebook Live video, I am with a client of mine who purchased a home just recently and she never actually came to the home.

This is my good friend, Sandy Foster and she saw the home just through FaceTime. So I just want to ask her a couple questions and for anybody that might be outside of my work area, that is interested in buying a home, Sandy can tell you her experience.

So we were looking at homes and because you had come out the one time and we looked at a few, but then we just kept doing everything over the internet and we started doing FaceTime on the homes. How comfortable were you with just doing FaceTime to see the home and walk through the home?

It was a different experience, but it was something that was really comfortable because I was able to get my questions answered by you and doing it with FaceTime was almost like I was walking through the house. So I don't know it didn't seem odd at all, it was an easy thing to do, it was easier than flying over here and going through every house individually and I got an idea really quickly if it was something I wanted to continue to, you know, find out more information on or not.

And when I went through this one with you, I knew that this house was the one that I wanted. I just, you know, had a couple more questions about it. Anything I asked you, you answered and it was an easy experience, a very smooth experience.

It was pretty cool and I mean Sandy has been awesome to work with. You were concerned, in fact, you can see kind of the blue, there's a blue paint to the walls and you were a little concerned. It turned out great, her furniture has turned out so, so good. Let me just show this furniture and anyway it's turned out really good.

So anyway if you have any questions and like I say you're outside of the Wasatch Front, the Wasatch back and you're interested in real estate give me a call. Technology is awesome.

Yes, it was a great experience and I was not disappointed at all.

There's a few other rollercoasters we went through, but in fact, really that was the easiest part. That was the smooth part; The smoothest part was seeing the home. So anyway have a great weekend everybody.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, December 11, 2017

Midway Mercantile - 5 Star Restaurant

Need to get out of the inversion? Get away to Midway. About 30 minutes up Provo canyon is the beautiful historic town of Midway, Utah; established with a large population of Swiss pioneers in 1859 is growing and with the city's first stop light installed this past summer, a widened and almost finished Mitchie Lane and actually a decrease of almost 12% in the number of residential units sold through November 30th this year from last year.

The Ice Castles will be opening soon in Midway and the Midway City Ice Rink is open. 

Now for an update on the restaurant that will soon be open in the old Midway Mercantile building and will go by the same name, Midway Mercantile, Hearth to Table check out their website. Current plans are to be open by the end of January. I'm excited to have another option and the owners who moved here from St. Louis sound like they have had years of experience as restaurateurs.

In August (2017) I took a minute to meet the new owners and then walked through the Midway Mercantile building and videoed a short update on what was happening to this really cool building.


Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, December 4, 2017

Prime Home Location in Orem, Utah

Richmond American is building homes in the new Orem Orchards development at 295 S. 400 W. in Orem and they are very nice homes.  It is a great location near the Orem Recreation Center, Orem Elementary, Mountain View High School and a lot of shopping and restaurants.

The home prices in this development are averaging about $450,000.00. Give me a call if you are interested in looking in this area and I'd love to work with you.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

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