Friday, November 10, 2017

Wasatch Back Views from Timber Lakes

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great weekend. I am up at Timber Lakes, I've been up here before and done some Facebook lives, and I love it up here, and I just need to show you this view of the Wasatch back and Timpanogos this is amazing.

Timber Lakes is such a neat development. It's a gated community if you're not familiar, it's on the east side of Heber City. Anyway, I'm up here looking at a few parcels and just wanted to share a little bit of information about real estate up here.

There are 36 parcels currently for sale through Realtors. In the last six months 26 parcels have sold. So Timber Lakes hasn't moved a whole lot of properties that fast for a while, at least as far as I've known, but right now there's quite a few homes being built here, it's just a great place. 

So if you're interested this side of Timber Lakes, I call it my cell phone side and the other side is my non-cellphone side because I don't have reception on the other side. So you have the view of the valley, you don't have the the quakies and pines here like you do on the other side but there's lakes on
the other side again you got the views of Heber on this side. 

There are so many different options here in Timber Lakes that if you're interested at all let me know, I'd love to help you out and tell you what's available, whether it's a parcel that you can build your own place on, or existing homes, there's a number of existing homes, and they range from, I think the smallest I've seen was 1,300 sq. ft. up to 5-6,000 sq. ft.

 Anyway,  have a great weekend and we will chat with you later.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

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