Monday, November 13, 2017

Mount Pleasant Views

Hello, I am in Mount Pleasant and had to just take a minute and do my Facebook Live here today.

A couple years ago I had a client that was looking in Wasatch County, had some specifics, sorry, I've been hiking a little bit here, but had some criteria; looking for property in Wasatch County with some acreage, anyway, long story short we ended up in Fairview, just up the road from here and this valley, and I hadn't been here for years until I got my license and had a client buy down this way. 

This valley is gorgeous! It is one of the neatest places and so if you're looking for property and you're up in Wasatch or Summit County and you're not finding what you want, come down and look in Mount Pleasant, Fairview, Milburn, it is just a neat, neat place.

I know my client, who ended up buying just a little north of here, like I said in Fairview, but he drives to Draper everyday to work and he said that it's like 10 minutes further than if you were living in Wasatch County.

Anyway, just wanted to share this view with you and my little Facebook time and just enjoy. This is such a neat, neat place. 

So, have a great weekend and we will talk to you later!

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

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