Monday, October 30, 2017

Perc Test Validity

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great day, hope you're able to get outside! It is such a beautiful day!

I am up in the Timber Lakes development above Heber City in fact let me turn, I'll be in the
shadow a little bit, but look at this view. I love Timber Lakes, it is such a gorgeous location.

What I want to talk to you about for a minute this afternoon is a percolation test or a perc test many people call it. A percolation test is essentially to determine the absorption rate or the permeability of the soil on your parcel, it's for where you're going to need a wastewater system.

So a contractor will get onto your soil, onto your property they'll dig two or three test holes and then they put a certain quantity of water into those test holes. They watch and see how fast that's absorbed and they get a percolation rate or a perc rate.

That information then is given to an engineer who designs your septic system, whether it's just the the septic tank drain field or a specialized system and then you can take that information to the Health Department, at least here in Wasatch County goes to the health department you get approval there for your system and then take it for your building permit.

Now one thing that I learned, I thought that that perc test would expire after a certain amount of time it does not, it's valid as long as you build your system based on those perc points, those percolation points.

So you take it to the engineer, he looks at the size of home you're going to build; how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, and the points of those tests and he determines the system. Now if you sell your property, if you change the size of your home or the location of your home on the property then it would not be valid any longer and you'd have to get a new test done.

So otherwise whether you use that perc test a week after you get it or ten years twenty years down the road or even if you sell your property a buyer can take that perc test and based on those points again as long as he's putting his home in the location based on those points for the septic system the wastewater system they can use that.

So anyway if you have any questions let me know have some great contractors that can do the perc test for you that I'd love to refer you to.

Again if you like Timber Lakes if you want to get away from the valley and get up into the mountains give me a call!

This parcel I'm at right here is a client of mine, it's a one-acre parcel listed for $30,000 and it's just it's gorgeous here.

So anyway take care have a great weekend!

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Friday, October 27, 2017

Testimonial: Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor

We have just worked with Brian Olsen and purchased a house in South Jordan on Glenmore Golf Course and I don't think we could have been happier through the process of that; working and buying a home with Brian's help.

He was just an easygoing guy, no pressure at all, willing to work on our schedule. I don't know how many times we called him and said, it was spur of the moment, "Hey we saw a house on Zillow or we saw this house or whatever and he said let me check on it and he goes when do you want to meet can we do this this afternoon? I don't know how many times we did that, it was called him in the morning, we met that afternoon at a location; saw one or two or three houses and you know he was always on call for us.

He was always just really pleasant and made us feel very comfortable in the process; we didn't feel pressure at all. So we didn't mind bugging him that much actually, because he made us kind of feel like you could. We were really picky about what we liked or what we wanted.

I felt he knew what I wanted probably more than I did, because he asked some very specific questions. What's your lifestyle? What are you looking for in a home? What makes it comfortable for you? What makes it functional for you? I remember this one property in specific, I thought, "well this could work if we did all of this." And Brian says, "well I know one of the things that you really wanted Georgia, was a lot of natural lighting." I go yes that's very important. He goes, this really doesn't have that. That's true and that's something that you can't change.

Brian narrowed it down really quickly and very well for us, so we avoided seeing lots of houses that we would not have been interested in just because of his expertise of being able to pretty quickly discern what we were looking for.

On this one, we saw it Saturday morning and we decided, Oh we'll probably put an offer in on it, you know later in the weekend. And then we left and Brian called us within 10 minutes and said someone has put an offer on it. So we put an offer on and Brian made several phone calls back and forth over the next few hours and by the end of the evening we owned a home.

It had everything that we were looking for in a house, plus stuff that we didn't know we were looking for.

I've worked with some other good Realtors, but none with the attention that we got from Brian. I was very surprised, I thought it was going to be very time-consuming, very stressful, not pleasant at all and like Mike said it was really enjoyable. He was always on call for us.

The process itself was not stressful for us and I think a lot of that, most of that had to do with Brian. He just took care of everything, from finding the properties, to scheduling the times, to meeting us just before closing with a home inspector. It was, we looked forward to seeing Brian and meeting up with him, and talking about properties.

It truly met and exceeded all of our expectations. And I know that that what you're supposed to say? Yeah, but it truly did.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

St. Louis Real Estate

In 2001 while still doing construction I had opportunity to move my family back to Nauvoo, Illinois for about one year. While there my employees that came out to work on the specific project, as well as family, would fly in to St. Louis. My wife and I would also often take our children to St. Louis to some of the awesome museums. I really gained a love for that beautiful city.

Anyway, I have a good friend that is a great realtor who lives near St. Louis. She has a gorgeous home for sale in Chesterfield, MO which is on a small lake not far from the Spirit of St. Louis Airport. Click on the image below to view this property in greater detail and if you are looking for property in Missouri or any other part of the world, let me know.  I'd love to refer you a competent agent that will take care of your needs to either buy or sell real estate.

Chesterfield, MO 

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen, Wallsburg World Realtor

Monday, October 23, 2017

Home Inspection - You Don't Own It Yet

I wanted to take a minute, I'm at a home with an inspector and I haven't done a video about home inspections for a little bit. Just want to share something with you just because of
experiences he's had and he shares with me. 

One of the things that most home buyers like to do is when they have a home inspector they want to come while the home inspector is there or at the end of the inspection and go through the home with the inspector look at the reports, see what they say about the home. And one of the things that the inspector that I just met with on this home here, he said buyers need to understand that they don't own the home.

And remember I've done some videos where a home inspection, if you remember is a visual inspection and easily accessible inspection, so the inspector is only going to do that; they're going to visually inspect things and things that are easily accessible. 

Now one of the things they'll do is they will take an electrical panel off because they want to make sure that the circuits are connected right, that the wiring is correct and everything is done that way
correct. But everything else they're not going to take fixtures off of the ceiling, they're not going to take plates off of the outlets, the switches, there's just a lot of things they won't dig into.

So what this inspector says is lots of times the buyer comes to meet with them and wants them to start looking into things and taking things off and really digging into things and they just don't
do that. 

So remember you're not the homeowner yet. So the home inspection is really, I mean it's important I really encourage my buyers to have a home inspection, but it's not digging into, and a home inspector
will tell you this, you know you may need to get a plumber because this faucet, the
pressures low on it or you know other things, but just remember you're not the
owner yet. 

So a home inspectors not going to be looking into things like a contractor would once you're an owner and really digging into it. 

Another experience we had is once the homeowner purchased the home and they took the fixtures off the ceiling there were some bad connections, some bad wiring and it had been changed at the panel but not at the fixtures, so they were upset and just understand that home inspectors not
going to get into that deep. 

So anyway to have a home inspection, if you have a question get a hold of me, love to help you, and have a great week, take care.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Friday, October 20, 2017

Greenhouse in the Wasatch Back

Greenhouses. This one's pretty beefy, this one has a poly-carbon panel structure with channel iron and steel tubing, so it's pretty hefty. You can use just a poly-film, make it a lot easier to construct and do it yourself type thing. So there's a variety and all kind of things in between.

One thing about this Greenhouse at this property is it's potentially a year-round greenhouse; they have artificial lighting, they have heaters. So you can go even farther, I don't know how good it goes all the way through the winter, just because we do lose a lot of natural light, the days are a lot shorter. But, you can go a lot longer with the lights and the heat that they have in here.

Anyway, if you're looking for a home in the Wasatch Back give me a call, like I said this property has so many different options and so many things about it that just make it a great property. I'd be happy to show you this property or a number of other listings that are here in Wallsburg, Park City, Midway, Heber; all along the Wasatch Back. Give me a call, shoot me a text or private message. Talk to you soon, take care!

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, October 16, 2017

Deck Use, Value and View

Hey, everybody, I am excited to talk to you for a minute, it's been a while, about decks. I have lots of people that talk about decks on their homes and decks on homes that they're looking to purchase, what's the value of the deck, if they're gonna build a deck on their home, how should they do the deck. 

Let me just give you a couple of thoughts about decks and happy to answer some questions, if you have any questions get back to me. 

A couple of things with decks that you want to look at is how much it's going to be used. Is it in a good location on the home, to where it's going to be used quite a bit. If it's in an odd place on the home and nobody's going to be using it or it's very small, then I would say don't spend the money and the effort to build the deck. And then if you're looking at selling or buying, it probably doesn't have very much value. 

If it's in a great location, if there's the ability to use it quite a bit, seasonal, that's another thing; if you have a short season. I'm in Wallsburg right now I don't know if you notice because of the view here of the Wallsburg ridge behind me. I love Wallsburg Valley. Anyway, if there's a short season and you don't have the means to have a gas propane fireplace type thing, to where you can use it during the winter and not freeze, then that's not going to be as valuable. 

Also the durability of the deck: I'm on the deck right now and they actually put concrete on the deck and they have a metal railing, they have some posts here, but overall this deck is very durable. They're not gonna have to do very much with it other than staining the post everything else is going to last for a long time. 

And the view, if you have a deck with a view that may circumvent a lot of the other issues, even if it's a small deck, but if it has a view then there is some value to it. So you can see this deck right here has an awesome view. I just love this view looking down into the Wallsburg Valley, the mouth of the canyon here. 

So anyway, if you have any questions about decks; the value that is on your home, something that you're looking to add to your home and the resale value of it, give me a call, shoot me a text, or an email, private message. I would love to talk to you about it and anything else with real estate, I'm open to talk about that as well. Take care and we will see you later, bye.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Friday, October 13, 2017

Water Storage & Rain Water Collection

Hey everyone it's been a while since I've done a video and I wanted to get going here again, just got busy with a lot of personal things.

I am at a home in Wallsburg that I have listed for sale. It's on main Canyon road, it's a beautiful home, but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about this home and a little bit about the laws in Utah.

This home is kind of interesting. A lot of people talk about water storage and this home, what the did is they built a concrete vault; a tank, a ten thousand gallon tank, that they have a float in there, it's in another little vault, that keeps the water in this tank at a certain level. So they use it as water storage for their home, and they have a pressure regulator with the tank so they can regulate the pressure into their home. So as multiple showers are used or a dishwasher or whatever, it maintains a certain pressure.

So it's really nice, this home is, I've put a few posts on about this home and it is just a really neat home, besides the the equestrian setup, the pasture, alfalfa fields, everything about this home.

So get a hold of me if you're interested in a great, it's 30 acres, just under 30 acres, 10,000 square foot home and a 10,000 gallon water storage.

Now let me tell you just a little bit real quick before I finish this video. Utah used to be, and most states are this way, that when it rains they consider that public use water, water for public use, and so you couldn't capture rainwater.

Back in 2010, so not very long ago, Utah passed a law that you can actually, legally catch rainwater now. So you can have your rain gutters go into a barrel and you can catch this rain water. However you can only catch 2 - 100 gallon containers worth of water without registering with the state to say that your catching this water. So if you catch more than that, for use on your own property, and it has to be used on that property, you can't catch it and haul it off I guess to another property. But anyway the law says that you can catch up to twenty-five hundred gallons of water, if you register with the state.

So it doesn't cost anything, they I guess want to know who is catching this public water. So anyway if you have any questions you can get online, there's some more information about catching rainwater. And I know Utah being like the second driest state in the Union, maybe that's why there's some regulation on how much rainwater you can catch.

So anyway, if you have any real estate questions, anything else that I might help you with feel free to give me a call, shoot me a text, private message, anything and have a great weekend, tomorrow's the start of the weekend, so take care bye.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, October 9, 2017

Guess Where I'm At - 2 PC Showcase of Homes Tickets

(The tickets mentioned in this post have already been won)

Hey everyone, I am doing a "Guess Where I'm at?" again. Last month I did a Facebook live and I gave away two tickets to the Utah Valley Home Show in celebration of my fifth year, last June of being a real estate agent.

So I'm going to do another one here and I'm going to give away two tickets to the Park City Showcase of Homes and that happens next month so I'm gonna give you a little bit of a hint; you can see, oh the sun's right there, well I'm at Costco if you can see that, so I'm at Costco but guess which Costco I'm at.

I just want to share a couple things and I wish I found more statistics because it's interesting, I often have clients, when they're looking at property one of the things they'll ask is how far is this home from Costco? You know either into Salt Lake, or the Provo Costco, or the Spanish Fork Costco, or other Costco's; there's a number of Costco's.

So anyway Costco has a lot of impact wherever it is built, some of the research I've seen is it helps the commercial value of the property, which in turn, help the residential value of the property.

So Costco is loved, you know a lot of people shop there, I shop there a lot. So anyway again I don't have any statistics on it, but I just wanted to thank everybody again for letting me help you be your Realtor and help you find property and sell property.

If you can guess which Costco I'm at and you're the first one to guess then you'll get two tickets to the Park City Showcase of homes.

So anyway have a great weekend and just either respond to this, private message me, text me, whatever and let me know which Costco you think I'm at. Take care, bye.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Friday, October 6, 2017

Wallsburg Real Estate Update & Market Research

Hey everyone I am in Wallsburg this evening where I try to get before it's too late, though this evening I got here just after the Sun went down. So anyway but I wanted to share some market information about Wallsburg and if you're interested in property in Wallsburg give me a call, shoot me a text, or email, I'd love to help you out. 

Anyway Wallsburg, right now there are 15 parcels available in Wallsburg. They range from $90,000 for a 3 acre parcel, 3.9 acre parcel in town, doesn't have any water, up to 7.9 million for 40 plus acres with a ton of water like around 46 acre feet of water, anyway it's a ton of water with that one, and a lot in between. There are four homes for sale right now in Wallsburg. So Wallsburg, there's quite a bit of property for sale here. 

Wanted to share with you also a little bit about the market, because it's kind of interesting it always amazes me what happens in the market. I have a listing down in Utah County, it's over $600,000 and we've had almost two months and in the last three days we've got three offers and it's just crazy. I have some other properties under $300,000 that are hardly getting shown, so it just goes up and down. 

But anyway the inventory is still very low, we're year-over-year our inventory is low and so our closed units is down year over year as well. And a lot of people just think the real estate is just booming and there's a lot of people talking about selling, a lot of buyers out there wanting to purchase property, but the inventory is just not there. So, I mean it's still an amazing time to buy or sell a lot of areas the prices have come back. But some areas are still struggling a little bit and and they're still going up and down. 

Anyway if you have a Realtor, if you do some research and work with your Realtor you can find it. You can find property that's a good buy if you work with your Realtor, and get your property marketed you can sell your property for a good sell. 

So I know I'm tooting my own horn here, but get with a Realtor and next week we have, Coldwell Banker will have some statistics coming out for the month of July and I'll put those on my blog. But it's interesting to see what's happening in the market and so you can get on my blog and you can get on my website, and get more information there. 

If you have any questions always feel free to get a hold of me, I'd love to help you and I got a couple new people on my team that are really doing well and helping me out; my son Perry Olsen and also Jayden Roni and they're just great young men and willing to work with you as well. So we'll fit it in and we'll help you get your property sold or find you a place to buy. Have a great weekend.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oakley Utah Weber River Frontage

Hey you guys, I am in Oakley, Utah. This home came on the market just a little bit ago and had an open house today and I just have to show you a little bit. I have a lot of people ask about homes in Oakley on the Weber River; they want Weber river frontage.

This home has over 600 feet of Weber River frontage. The home is just over 5,000 square feet; four bedrooms, three and a half baths. The owners have done an amazing job they bought it in '03 and they have gone through and just done some amazing things, and I won't go through the home but I'll do a link when I put this on my blog.

It's listed by Berkshire Hathaway, Ann Macquoid, she's a great Realtor, but give me a call. You've got to see this home, in fact let me just show you a little bit, there's a RV pad right here on the river.

The home, like I said six and a half acres, you can actually subdivide and get four one acre parcels along the back side of this, still have a lot of frontage on the river here, still have two and a half acres.

It's just a beautiful, beautiful area listed at 1.75 and let me just switch this to get a feel. The home is just right up here, anyway you can't quite see the home from down here, but just gorgeous. Again a lot of people asking in Oakley. You can get little parts of the the Weber River, but it's hard to get a big chunk of the Weber River like this.

So anyway give me a call, text, an email and oh there's the home. Anyway get a hold of me, come and take a look at this property and you'll love it. This is just a great location. Anyway, take care, bye.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108
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