Monday, August 14, 2017

Lakeview Parkway South Provo


             Lakeview Parkway South Provo


Hey good morning everybody. I am in the south part of Provo this morning and just want to share with you something that I didn't realize was looking so good.

I've been concentrating quite a bit up on the interchange on 2100 North you know as far as trying to see what's happening to stay on top of things, but I am on the Lakeview Parkway where there
is a new interchange off of I-15 and this is just really cool. I just want...sorry I got a phone call there...I don't know if you've been down this way lately but it is just really neat, let me put this where you can take a look at this.

So the interchange is just right over there and here's the Lakeview Parkway heads over right over there just not quite to 1100 West you've got DR Horton is doing a new development going on over there and it is it is just set up really nice.

This interchange is super nice it's going to make it so much easier for people down on this end to be able to jump on I-15 right here.

Most of this property all around here is privately owned. Just down on the other side of 1100 west on this south side of the parkway is some property Provo City owns. But anyway this is just really exciting!

So I didn't know if you've been down this way I just wanted to share it with you and I'm sure there's going to be some nice parks and so close to the lake.

Now I've got to look into this a little bit more and see where things are going to go. You know, what the master plan is here, like I said I haven't looked into this area for a while, I've been looking more into the I-15 and the interchange going on up on 2100 north in Lehi and over to the Mountain View expressway.

So if you get down this way like I said DR Horton has a new development there's some other homes for sale in the older part of Provo here, which has got some nicer older homes, a few parcels that are available.

Anyway, kind of exciting to see what Provo is doing here. If you need any help give me a call, shoot me a text, or Facebook message, or email.

Take care,
Brian Olsen
Wallsburg World Realtor

Friday, August 11, 2017

748 W. 1160 N., Pleasant Grove Home For Sale

748 W. 1160 N., Pleasant Grove Home For Sale

Hey everyone, I am in Pleasant Grove with some new clients and friends of mine that have been friends for a little while and I'm at their home it's located in 748 West 1160 north and I just want
them to share. 

I was going to talk about their garage and their solar panels and a number of things, but I've got them right here so I'm going to ask them to share what they love most about having lived in this home for quite a few years. I don't remember exactly how many years 12 years, okay so we've got Trevor and Sheri and just in 10-15 seconds Trevor first, what do you like most about having lived here? 

Well I've loved the location for sure it's been been tons of fun to live here in Pleasant Grove, I teach just down the road and I've loved we love the yard, we've loved putting a bonus room on our home so that we could have a nice view and be able to hang out as a family and do activities and things together. The location's been fantastic. We love to camp and do other kinds of things and it's a great, great place to be. 

Okay, that was more than one but it's a lot of reasons. Sheri, do you have, you can give more than one as well, but what have you loved about being here? 

One thing I like about our house is the road's very calm, it's not on a busy road, but storage we've added on and we have a lot of storage now. 

Excellent, ok so those are just a couple of things I'll have some more information or get a hold of me and we'll get the listing information to you, but this Pleasant Grove is a hot market and you've got to check out this home. 

So give me a call, shoot me a text, private message, anything like that and we'll get some more information on this home. Take care.

Contact me for more information on this home,
Brian Olsen
Wallsburg World Realtor

Monday, August 7, 2017

Wasatch County's Hot Market


Wasatch County's Hot Market

Hey everyone, sorry if you started to watch my live video a minute ago I was up on the side of the hill and I lost reception.

Anyway I am in Wallsburg, Round Valley also known as, and I just love it here and wanted to share some real estate information with you of course, but also show you just how beautiful it is. And I again apologize I was up on the side of the hill and you could have got a view of the valley but
you can still get a good feel of this it's just so beautiful right now, things are so green.

So anyway Wallsburg it is a hot market in Wasatch County, which it hasn't been that hot, but since March First we've had four properties go under contract. So for Wallsburg that is a hot market, but don't fret there's still some other properties that are available and if you're interested in Wallsburg give me a call.

The other three properties are still under contract but there's still four homes that are listed for sale, and there are 14 parcels that are listed for sale. Further up here there's two two acre parcels, let me just turn around here so you see, right back here there's 1,400 acres up alongside the hill here that's for sale and a bunch in between.

So there's still a lot of things for sale, come into Wallsburg just ask for Brian Olsen, people know how to find me if you do drive into the valley otherwise give me a call, shoot me a text I'd love to
help you find a place here in Wallsburg or anywhere else; Wasatch back, Wasatch Front.

Anyway have a great weekend. Take care.

                                                                                      Contact Brian

Friday, August 4, 2017

Park City Rental Investment

Park City Rental Investment

Hey you guys hope you're having a great Saturday morning. I am in Park City. and just wanted to share a couple thoughts with you.

I'm at a client's home and I love Park City. it's such a great place and I have a number of clients that are looking for investment properties and so I want to share a couple things to think about as you're looking for investment properties.

My clients home is a fairly large home and one of the things to think about is that various HOAs and places here in Park City.won't allow overnight rentals, and so what are you looking for you're looking to rent the property nightly or do you just want a long-term renter a couple things to think about that way.

The second thing is everybody knows that the ski season, Sundance Film Festival times, those you can rent about any type of property you have; condo, large home, anything.

What we're finding is during the summer the larger homes are renting a little bit better just because there's a lot of family reunions and so anyway a couple things to think about.

I'd love to help you whether you're looking to buy or sell in Park City. Park City is just a great place I love Park city and its really a good time to be looking at buying or selling property.

Anyway give me a call and I'd love to help you out.

Have a great weekend!

                                                                                        Contact Brian

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