Friday, July 21, 2017

Pleasant Grove Dream Home

Hey Everyone! I am in Pleasant Grove with a good friend and we just listed his home here in Pleasant Grove at 748 West 1160 North and it is just a to-die-for home. 

I've got the owner here, Trevor, and he is just going to give you a quick synopsis of what he's done to this home. He bought it in 2004 and he's just done, I mean it had 1900 sq. ft. when he bought it, these are just row houses, built the same way; it has just under 2600 sq. ft.

 So I'm going to let him share with you a few things he's done really quick and then get a hold of me and come and check out this home it's an awesome home.Trevor, you've got the floor. You bet, I'll do my best here. 

Well, one of the first things we did was replace the deck here; took the old deck and put a new one on; Trex Deck. And then we've added in a batting cage which is something the kids have fun playing with. But we re-sided the entire home after we built an addition on, go ahead, keep talking, I'm just pushing buttons, resided the entire home and then put architectural shingling on the roof. We put vinyl windows in, we added a second air system for this unit here and put it on thicker walls so that we could make that room cool down really nice for family and heat really well, we've gone throughout the entire home and re-carpeted and added custom cabinetry and done work in the bathroom, added a jetted tub, and it seems like just about every room in the home, I think, has changed. 

Okay, let me add a couple more things really quick. Can lights, built in 1979, he put can lights all over the kitchen, the living room. This room above the garage is awesome, it's just a big open room, like he said it has it's own air conditioning, the garage is oversized, finished, painted, it's cleaner than probably my kitchen. 

Anyway, they've just done a ton of things, if you're interested in Pleasant Grove give me a call, private message, text, carrier pigeon, whatever, and come and check out this home and have a great weekend, talk to you later.

Best Regards,
Wallsburg World Realtor

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