Monday, July 10, 2017

Mapleton Estate on 2.5 Acre

I am in Mapleton again, I know I've talked about Mapleton before and I love Mapleton it's a great, great location and just want to share some information with you. 

I just listed a home it's here on Main Street, the south end of Main Street, which is a great location, Main Street, if you continue south it dead-ends down here there's some biking trails and other things, but it's a just a great location, you don't get as much traffic on this it's excellent. This home was built in 1992, the sellers are the one-time owner, the sellers built the home back in 1992, have been
here the whole time.

It has just over 6,100 square feet on three levels, basement's fully finished, has six bedrooms, four full-size bathrooms and a half bathroom. It's main floor living, your main floor you have your master bedroom, kitchen, laundry, a full bathroom off of the the master bedroom, anyway, very nice. 

It's on two and a half acres, you can see the the home here in the background, you can't see all the property you can go to a link on my website or my blog and see some aerial drone shots. But if you have an imagination on what you could do with two and a half acres, with a home with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, give me a call! 

This home you've got to take a look at it. Schedule a time to come and check it out look at the area; it's just a beautiful location, a great opportunity if you can imagine doing some really fun things for a family retreat, a second home, a main home; this is an ideal location.

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you, if you have any comments, questions about the home, like I say feel free to message me, respond any way to get a hold of me.

Best Regards,
Wallsburg World Realtor

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