Monday, July 31, 2017

Home Inspection Electrical Panel

Hey you guys, hope you're having a good weekend.

Just wanted to share some information again on home inspections and this time on some electrical issues and what the home inspector is going to look at.

Remember inspectors are going to look at what is visible and what is easily accessible. One of the things that's easily accessible is to take the cover off of the electrical service panel, if your home inspector isn't doing that you need to change home inspectors.

But they should take that cover off and a few of the things they're going to look for are the number of switches for the size of the home, how many wires going to each switch, the gauge of the wires going into the switch, they'll look for corrosion, look for taped wires.

Anyway they'll look for a number of things in there and should give you a good report on that service panel and how things look in that service panel. So you want to make sure that they do that.

One of the things that they won't do which isn't easily accessible is when you get to a fixture, for example this ceiling fan here, an inspector is not going to pull the connection, the fixture from the ceiling and so when you get into an older home you just want to make sure that the inspector goes through everything as much as he can. He's going to check switches he's going to check you know fixtures and that but he's not going to be pulling things off the wall like he will the panel on the electrical or the cover on the service panel is easily accessible.

So anyway in an older home you just don't want to have it look like there's good wiring and then when it actually gets to the fixture they've left some old wiring.

If you need a good inspector along the Wasatch Front give me a call. If you are outside
of the Wasatch Front good luck getting you a good home inspector and happy inspecting.

Take care!
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