Monday, July 31, 2017

Home Inspection Electrical Panel

Hey you guys, hope you're having a good weekend.

Just wanted to share some information again on home inspections and this time on some electrical issues and what the home inspector is going to look at.

Remember inspectors are going to look at what is visible and what is easily accessible. One of the things that's easily accessible is to take the cover off of the electrical service panel, if your home inspector isn't doing that you need to change home inspectors.

But they should take that cover off and a few of the things they're going to look for are the number of switches for the size of the home, how many wires going to each switch, the gauge of the wires going into the switch, they'll look for corrosion, look for taped wires.

Anyway they'll look for a number of things in there and should give you a good report on that service panel and how things look in that service panel. So you want to make sure that they do that.

One of the things that they won't do which isn't easily accessible is when you get to a fixture, for example this ceiling fan here, an inspector is not going to pull the connection, the fixture from the ceiling and so when you get into an older home you just want to make sure that the inspector goes through everything as much as he can. He's going to check switches he's going to check you know fixtures and that but he's not going to be pulling things off the wall like he will the panel on the electrical or the cover on the service panel is easily accessible.

So anyway in an older home you just don't want to have it look like there's good wiring and then when it actually gets to the fixture they've left some old wiring.

If you need a good inspector along the Wasatch Front give me a call. If you are outside
of the Wasatch Front good luck getting you a good home inspector and happy inspecting.

Take care!
Wallsburg World Realtor

Friday, July 28, 2017

Utah County Multi Unit Investment Property

Hey everyone Brian Olsen here.

I'm Vineyard right now and I just love this little town, it's not that little anymore it's been growing like crazy, but I had an opportunity this morning to go to a class and just want to stop and take a moment share a couple thoughts.

The class was taught by a Steve Bond. Steve Bond is a great realtor I met him when I first started my real estate career about five years ago now and the thing about Steve is, I was so impressed that he has such an abundance mentality. He is so willing to help people, he is an awesome realtor.

But anyway he was discussing and teaching about multi-unit investment properties up to fourplexes,
so duplex, triplex, and fourplexes and just wanted to share with you a little bit of information about Utah County. Right now, as of this morning there's 15 properties that are listed with Realtors in Utah County in that category, so not much inventory. There's 25 that are under contract and 140 have sold in the last 12 months here in Utah County.

So multi-housing I have a number of clients looking to purchase duplex, triplex, and fourplex once you go above that it has a different financing nuances that you need to look at.

But up to that point if you have a property like that now is a great time to consider selling.

Take care!
Wallsburg World Realtor

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

748 W. 1160 N., Pleasant Grove Home For Sale

Pleasant Grove, Utah is a hot market for home selling right now.  The 2nd quarter of this year saw the median home price in PG raise to $293,000.00 from a low in 2012 of $180,000.00. The number of homes sold hit a record high of 99 the 2nd quarter of 2015 (since records on the MLS back to 1996); then the 3rd quarter of 2016 hit 95 homes sold and the 2nd quarter of this year hit 82 homes sold.

A prime property that is available right now located at 748 W. 1160 N. in a prime Pleasant Grove area, is 100% finished and remodeled in 2009. The large attached addition includes and over sized two car garage, with extra height, width and length, extra insulation, an insulated garage door and plenty of lighting.  Above the garage is a bonus room with full height walls and vaulted ceiling with ceiling fans.

The remodel includes kitchen and bathroom upgrades, new roof, new siding, new air conditioning, 50 gallon water heater and RV Parking.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Wasatch Back Land Statistics

Good morning everyone hope you are doing great and having a wonderful weekend.

It was great to have a Memorial weekend and celebrate this country and our freedoms and everything last weekend, hope you had a great Memorial weekend.

Anyway I want to get back into some real estate and just give you some information. I am in Wasatch County, actually in Wallsburg, I'm on a client's two acre parcel that he has for sale and just a gorgeous area. He's got two acres here and then a back two acre parcel also, both of them buildable.

Wasatch County is just an incredible place. I know we hear a lot about the Wasatch Front, Lehi it was on the news that it's the 11th fastest growing city in the United States. So the Wasatch
Front a lots happening but the Wasatch Back is also have a lot going on.

So let me just tell you a little bit really quick about some statistics here in Wasatch County which includes Wallsburg where I'm at right now. I had some clients from the East Coast that we're asking me this week what's happening and you know they've heard news about what's happening in Utah.

Looking at properties in Wasatch County that have five acres or more in 2015 there were 31 parcels that sold and it was for a total volume value of 18.8 million. Last year there were 37 parcels five acres or greater that sold for a volume of 21.8 million.

So far this year we've had 14 parcels sell for a volume of 9.1 million. There's 12 under contract so in the next 30 to 60 or 90 days those are you know probably likely to close the majority of them. Out of
those 12 six of them are a million dollars or more so within the next 60-90 days we could be at or surpassing last year's volume with another four or five months left to go in the year.

So anyway, Wasatch County, Summit County is kind of a similar story but there's a lot going on here if you have any interest give me a call, shoot me a message or a text. I'd love to help you find some property there's a lot of property that is less than five acres for sale.

As I looked at these statistics as my friend was asking me what was happening here in Utah and development wise those are parcels that typically are going to be subdivided or developed.

Now here in Wallsburg these two two acre parcels are buildable but you're not going to subdivide them. I do have 1500 acres up here on the mountain if you want a little bit bigger area and you can put probably you know one big nice home or a few you know 200-acre homes 160 acres and there's a lot of other parcels here in Wallsburg as well as Heber, Midway, Kamas, well Kamas is Summit County that's another story we'll talk about that another time.

So anyway you guys have a great weekend and get into the Wasatch back it's just beautiful about 10 to 15 degrees cooler usually too so it's wonderful. I'm a little biased, but I love
it up here.

Take care!
Wallsburg World Realtor

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pleasant Grove 2,500 sf home For Sale

Great home for sale in the hot market of Pleasant Grove; with almost 2,500 sf and an extensive remodel-addition to create an over-sized garage, with 6" exterior walls, extra insulation, lots of storage, dedicated outlets, insulated garage door, plenty of lighting and above the garage is a huge bonus room; the bonus room has it's own AC and furnace; solar panels with an amazing fully assumable lease, with no payments to the Vivent for the solar panels; can-lights throughout with LED bulbs, remodeled bathrooms, full yard and sprinkler system, fully fenced, RV parking and more and more and more... Contact me and check it out before this home like most homes in Pleasant Grove, is gone.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pleasant Grove Dream Home

Hey Everyone! I am in Pleasant Grove with a good friend and we just listed his home here in Pleasant Grove at 748 West 1160 North and it is just a to-die-for home. 

I've got the owner here, Trevor, and he is just going to give you a quick synopsis of what he's done to this home. He bought it in 2004 and he's just done, I mean it had 1900 sq. ft. when he bought it, these are just row houses, built the same way; it has just under 2600 sq. ft.

 So I'm going to let him share with you a few things he's done really quick and then get a hold of me and come and check out this home it's an awesome home.Trevor, you've got the floor. You bet, I'll do my best here. 

Well, one of the first things we did was replace the deck here; took the old deck and put a new one on; Trex Deck. And then we've added in a batting cage which is something the kids have fun playing with. But we re-sided the entire home after we built an addition on, go ahead, keep talking, I'm just pushing buttons, resided the entire home and then put architectural shingling on the roof. We put vinyl windows in, we added a second air system for this unit here and put it on thicker walls so that we could make that room cool down really nice for family and heat really well, we've gone throughout the entire home and re-carpeted and added custom cabinetry and done work in the bathroom, added a jetted tub, and it seems like just about every room in the home, I think, has changed. 

Okay, let me add a couple more things really quick. Can lights, built in 1979, he put can lights all over the kitchen, the living room. This room above the garage is awesome, it's just a big open room, like he said it has it's own air conditioning, the garage is oversized, finished, painted, it's cleaner than probably my kitchen. 

Anyway, they've just done a ton of things, if you're interested in Pleasant Grove give me a call, private message, text, carrier pigeon, whatever, and come and check out this home and have a great weekend, talk to you later.

Best Regards,
Wallsburg World Realtor

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mapleton Utah & Hobble Creek Canyon

Hi you guys, Brian Olsen here just wanting to say hi again.

Im in Mapleton, and just wanted to tell you a little bit about it!

Mapleton has seen a great recovery, back in 2007 the high median sold price of homes was around $405,000. By the end of last year it actually surpassed that with a median income of $430,000.

I love this view of the Mapleton City Offices and Spanish Fork Peak. Another amazing view is of Hobble Creek Canyon. If you follow this all the way you will come out on another beautiful town called Wallsburg!

Anyway if you need help with real estate either in Mapleton or Wallsburg give me a call, I'd love to help you! Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,
Wallsburg World Realtor

Friday, July 14, 2017

Basement Windows

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well, hope you had a great week.

Just wanted to take a minute and talk to you about basements and windows in basements particularly. I'm up in salt lake in an older home right now and originally this home had smaller windows and lots of times they don't let in a lot of light, and many people worry about being able to egress in case of a fire or emergency.

So a lot of people end up cutting the concrete foundation and putting in a bigger window.

A couple things you want to check, I'm not a contractor but you want to look at if you can cut into the concrete and what implications there are.

Uniform Building Code says that windows in basements need to be 5.7 square feet to be a legal window that someone can escape out of.

Anyway it will depend on where you live if, you're in the county, city, if they just go with the uniform building code or they have more strict requirements.

I love this home because they got these windows cut out and put in some nice windows that provide lots more light and a lot more comfort in the basement of this older home.

If you want to do that you can go out and rent saws, do it yourself, or you can hire a contractor. You're probably going to be about 2-4 thousand dollars depending how far below grade and all that will entail as far as moving the earth and such.

Basements are awesome and having lots of light in basements are awesome!

If you have any questions about building code in your area and what you can or can't do give me a call I'd love to help you.

Take care!
Wallsburg World Realtor

Monday, July 10, 2017

Mapleton Estate on 2.5 Acre

I am in Mapleton again, I know I've talked about Mapleton before and I love Mapleton it's a great, great location and just want to share some information with you. 

I just listed a home it's here on Main Street, the south end of Main Street, which is a great location, Main Street, if you continue south it dead-ends down here there's some biking trails and other things, but it's a just a great location, you don't get as much traffic on this it's excellent. This home was built in 1992, the sellers are the one-time owner, the sellers built the home back in 1992, have been
here the whole time.

It has just over 6,100 square feet on three levels, basement's fully finished, has six bedrooms, four full-size bathrooms and a half bathroom. It's main floor living, your main floor you have your master bedroom, kitchen, laundry, a full bathroom off of the the master bedroom, anyway, very nice. 

It's on two and a half acres, you can see the the home here in the background, you can't see all the property you can go to a link on my website or my blog and see some aerial drone shots. But if you have an imagination on what you could do with two and a half acres, with a home with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, give me a call! 

This home you've got to take a look at it. Schedule a time to come and check it out look at the area; it's just a beautiful location, a great opportunity if you can imagine doing some really fun things for a family retreat, a second home, a main home; this is an ideal location.

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you, if you have any comments, questions about the home, like I say feel free to message me, respond any way to get a hold of me.

Best Regards,
Wallsburg World Realtor

Friday, July 7, 2017

Home Inspection - Plumbing Drains

Good afternoon everyone, hope you've had a good week.

I had a home inspection just a couple of days ago and thought of a couple things I wanted to share with you.

Remember a home inspector is going to go through a home and do a visual inspection and an inspection on readily accessible areas. He's not going to get down into the nitty gritty in a lot of things.

So with plumbing the first thing a home inspector will typically do is he'll go in and he'll plug the sink, shower, and bathtub drains and fill those up with water and then he'll see how they drain. If there's a problem he'll let you know. Now he's probably not going to be opening p-traps and doing some of those things to figure out why the problem is there. You need to realize that you may have additional costs.

If there's just one or two drains that drain slow it may just be a venting problem or possibly a p-trap problem, maybe it was plugged up.

If you start getting a lot of them draining slow you may have a problem going out of the house through the main line out into the sewer. Realize that some of these things you may have to get someone who is more skilled in something like putting a camera into your sewer line and out to the main to see if there's a problem and then have them get with you so you know what the costs are.

Anyway just realize that the big thing is, a home inspector is just going to do a visual inspection and the readily accessible things. He'll give you some information but you may have to deal with other things depending on the story the drains tell.

Always do a home inspection though, get with a good realtor so you can negotiate some costs if you do have extra costs and minimize your problems. You can't get rid of all your problems, sorry, but at least you can minimize them.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

Best Regards,
Wallsburg World Realtor
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