Saturday, April 22, 2017

Park City Pays for Bonanza Flats

Bonanza Flat, an area of approximately 1,300 acres at the top of Guardsman's Pass located mostly in Wasatch County, up Snake Creek Canyon and above the Park City area was recently purchased by Park City and other groups for $38 million.

Park City residents approved a bond last year for $25 million towards the purchase of this land. The remaining $13 million came from various avenues and partnerships, for a total purchase price of $38,000,000.00.  Someone said during this process, it is nice to have this land under control to preserve it from development, though the people that have recreated on the land probably had no idea it was privately owned.


I love open space and though I haven't been to Bonanza Flats yet, I look forward to checking it out. I'm grateful to the residents of Park City who approved the bond to pay for the bulk of the purchase. Along that line, Park City knows how to acquire and care for open space.

Park City's first approved bond, and for that matter the first bond in the state of Utah, for the purchase of green, open space occurred with the passage of a $10 million bond to purchase 20 acres in 1998. Since then Park City working with various private land holders, citizen community groups, conservation groups, etc. has continued to acquire land for open space.

I look forward to helping many clients purchase and sell property in Summit as well as Wasatch counties where we all enjoy the benefits of open space.

See you on the mountain tops!!
Brian Olsen
Wallsburg World Realtor
Coldwell Banker

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