Saturday, April 29, 2017

Homeowners Insurance: Rodents

While showing a home today to a client we looked out on to the back deck and there we saw a few small furry rodents that appear to be squatting on the premises.  There was a nice opening in the deck and who knows what fun stuff they have gathered in their retreat.

I decided to look at my homeowners insurance policy and see what it covers if I perchance have a few rodents begin to take up residence somewhere in my home.

One rodent you don't want to mess with are raccoons.  They not only will cause mass mahem in your chicken coop, but I've seen the destruction they can cause by climbing up a tree near the home and then on to the roof and claw their way through the roof and into the attic, for a nice comfy insulation retreat.

My homeowner's insurance policy has in the "Exceptions and Limitations" section, no coverage for loss arising out of the Gradual or Sudden Loss due to birds, vermin, insects, rodents, skunks, raccoons or domestic animals.  You may want to check your insurance as well.  Looks like I am better off spending the time and money to get rid of the rodents before they cause any damage to my home. I was told that insurance would pay if the rodent infestation occurred after for example a structural failure of the roof and before I am able to repair the roof, a family of raccoons moves in, then insurance would pay to have them removed.  However, I cannot find such a clause in my policy. Better check your policy.  I need to find out if my insurance excludes any damage done by a moose, just in case this guy comes back again.

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