Monday, October 31, 2016

House Doors for ALL Family Members - 5 To Do's

The first animal I remember having was a kitten when I was probably six years old.  After that it has mainly been dogs and I've had quite a few since then.  Dogs are the greatest pets.  There are so many things that I like about having a dog, however I won't go in to my list of dog attributes, but I will get to the point about dogs and Real Estate.

More and more people have pets and it is becoming more often than not that a lot of these pets are of the canine variety and their owners allow them to come and go quite freely in and out of their homes.

Just so you don't think this is just a small thing, the APPA (American Pet Products Association) estimates that total U.S. pet industry expenditures for 206 will be $62.75 Billion dollars.  Within that $62.75 Billion include such services as Renting Chickens, pet waste management such as DoddyCalls, and giving your pet the best location to relieve themselves at a Piddle Place.

Now on to more serious products and how it relates to Real Estate.  I've always called them a doggie door, however I've learned that they are a Pet Door and there is a lot more to them that I thought before my new life as a realtor.

I thought that they were pretty much a hole in the wall or door with
some kind of rubber flap to let in the cold during the winter and spiders, bugs, etc. during the summer while your pet had easy access in and out of the home.  I was wrong on the cold and bugs, I've learned.

You may purchase all kinds of pet doors, including doors with a magnetic lock which opens the pet door when the 'key' on the collar of the pet is close enough to be sensed.

There are adjustable frame doors, triple flap doors, doors within a panel to fit in a sliding patio door and doors with clear glass or shaded plexiglas. The doors seal against the weather and may include an insulated flap and you may even purchase a pet door with a bullet-proof airtight panel.

Whatever door you choose for your pet, if you want it to benefit you when you are ready to sell your home here are 5 things to consider, to appeal to the broadest range of possible buyers:

1.  Keep the door clean, sealed and operating well.
2.  Maintain a well functioning and appealing man-door (human door for those looking looking to take offense) or wall in which the pet door is installed.
3.  If it is an expensive door, market the value of the door, such as weather barrier, security, appearance, etc.
4.  If the pet door is large, make sure it is easy to secure against any possible danger.
5.  Make it easy to remove the pet door for buyers who do not have animals and also provide the option that you will remove the pet door as if it was never there.

Best regards to you and all of your pets!

Brian Olsen, WWR
Wallsburg World Realtor

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Move to the Awesome Wallsburg Valley

Where is Wallsburg?
Located near Deer Creek Reservoir, with beautiful vistas, blue skies, bright stars and great people.

Contact me for more information about Wallsburg.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Don't get too wrapped up in Halloween when you have an incredible opportunity to see Michael Martin Murphey, Suzy Bogguss and Bar J Wranglers along with great food, and Poets Doris Daley, Andy Nelson and Jeff Carson at the annual Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry Gathering happening from October 26th to the 30th.
True West Magazine Readers Choice has chosen this gathering as the "Best Cowboy Music Gathering" in the country for the past three years.

Click on the link above for more information about tickets, shows, motel rooms and RV Resort.

In between eating, dancing and laughing call me to check out some incredible properties in the area for your 2nd home, hunting retreat or primary residence. Call, text or email me and we'll work to find what you are looking for.

Brian Olsen, WWR
Wallsburg World Realtor

Get your private estate or exclusive hunting grounds in the beautiful Wallsburg valley just southeast of the Heber valley. An amazing 1,440 acres with 14 acre feet of water for sale known as Slipper Hollow.

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