Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chances are your from Utah if...

Everyone has heard of Utah for some people its just a state on the map for others its home. Utah has vary diverse landscape and people with many different backgrounds, but chances are if your from Utah you have...

Driven/spun doughnuts in an empty parking lot or on the roadSeen the Christmas lights on Temple Square

Hiked to Timpanogos Cave

Eaten at Kneaders

Driven/spun doughnuts in an empty parking lot or on the road

Figured out where to get the best Fry Sauce

Lagoon  Farmington, UTGone to Lagoon for School

Gone Skiing and/or Snowboarding

Played the Piano

Know someone that is in their early 20's with 3 kids

Got Ice Cream at Maceys

Visited Temple Square at a time other than Christmas 

Temple Square Salt Lake City, UT Preformed in or watched a Dance Recital

Watched a Jazz game

Gone Boating

Spent a week or weekend camping

Seen the weather change 5+ times in a day

Worn shorts in the snow

Know someone that got married before they turned 20

Tried Aggie Ice Cream

Used Mount Timpanogos to know what direction is north

Taken Seminary During School

Love the U or the Y, not both

Know what the U and the Y are 

Is there anything you would add to the list? 


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