Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Moose for the Weekend

Moose - Wallsburg, Utah

One of the perks of living in the mountains is all the wildlife we get to see.This past weekend we had a Moose move into our yard. He loved eating our trees and exploring the property.

Exploring Moose - Wallsburg, Utah 

I guess after a day exploring wasn't enough, when our dog started to barking at him the Moose Attacked. 

Moose Attacking Dog

Along with video we got some great photos of our weekend guest Mr. Moose. 

Moose in the sprinklers - Wallsburg, Utah

Moose in the sprinklers 

Moose inspecting the trampoline

Moose inspecting the trampoline 

Moose in the backyard - Wallsburg, Utah

Moose on the move - Wallsburg, Utah

Moose on the move 

Moose - Wallsburg, Utah

Posing for a picture 

Moose Posing for a picture - Wallsburg, Utah

Or two

Moose inspecting the mysterious trampoline - Wallsburg, Utah

Back to the mysterious trampoline 

Moose by trampoline - Wallsburg, Utah

Moose in the trees - Wallsburg, Utah

Moose in the trees 

Moose eating tree - Wallsburg, Utah

Moose eating the tree

How close have you come to meeting a Moose?


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