Friday, January 23, 2015

Sundance Film Festival

I have clients who own property in Park City which they rent throughout the year. Yesterday, the Sundance Film Festival began here in Utah and it runs through February 1st.  This film festival has become so popular that if you don't have your property rented during this time, there is a problem.  Both last year and again this year I received phone calls about renting property in Midway or Heber, so the overflow out of Park City is becoming more apparent.

Sundance Film Festival

This festival started in Salt Lake City in 1978 as the Utah/US Film Festival and has become the premier film festival in the country.

Utah Governor Scott M. Matheson was joined by Utah native Sterling Van Wagenen (at the time working for Robert Redford), as well as members of the Utah Film Commission, to start this festival in 1978.  The intent of the film festival was to highlight American made films and specifically film making in Utah.

The first year over 60 films were screened (I can't find how many were submitted), compared to over 4,100 feature length films submitted this year of which 123 were selected to be screened.

In 1984 the Sundance Institute, which Sterling Van Wagenen managed, took over the management of the US Film Festival.  The festival was renamed the Sundance Film Festival, in 1991.

The festival extended to foreign shores in April of 2012 with a festival in London, and has continued with April festivals in London since then.

Since its inauguration the festival has been an event championing the small filmmakers that typically work outside of Hollywood.  This festival has long garnered substantial support from Hollywood and it has gathered a substantial following.  The Sundance Film Festival is viewed by many as the Canne or Toranto Festival for small filmmakers.
500 Days of Summer Debuted at the Sundance Film Festival

The festival continues to grow and may hold some surprises for us this year.  The search for distribution deals may heat up as executives from additional companies such as HBO, Showtime, Amazon, and Netflix, attend the festival.  The power of the internet is also bringing in companies such as Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube, and many smaller companies.  Digital distribution networks, even if they are small, give many filmmakers the opportunity to have their films viewed around the world.

I hope you enjoy your time in Utah whather you are skiing, attending a screening, or negotiating with Hollywood.  If you want to check out a possible vacation home while you are here, give me a call, text, or email any time.

"John Ford always said that the best things that have ever happened in film, in American film, have happened by accident."  Jimmy Stewart

Brian Olsen, WWR

Thursday, January 22, 2015

When is the Best & Worst Time to Sell

A consistent question asked by property sellers is, "When is the best time of year to sell?"  Statistics are available and Smartzip has a great article with an infographic on each state in the union and the worst months to sell a home.

Their rationale that the spring market is actually the worst time to sell based on their criteria sounds reliable, however the paradigm is that spring is the best time to sell.

80% of buyers start their search online

Statistics show that over 80% of buyers start their search online. When warm weather starts in the spring, buyers that have done their research online are ready to get out and find the ideal property.  Smartzip says that although there are more new sellers in the spring, there are also more new buyers as well, which offset the ratio so that spring becomes a worse time of year to sell.  It is hard to change peoples perception.

For Utah, Smartzip says January is the worst time to sell.  I didn't mention this information to my recent January sellers that waited through the fall and have now sold in January.  To every rule there is an exception.

Brian Olsen, WWR

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hilarious Real Estate Property Photos

Real estate photos are critical to give potential buyers an idea about the condition of the property and to entice them to make an appointment to see the property.  Though I use a professional photographer pretty regularly I will delete a photo and upload some of my own.

Go to this link for 24 Appalling Real Estate Photos and enjoy a good laugh.

"Laughter is the best medicine, but if you laugh for no reason, you need medicine."

Brian Olsen, WWR

Saturday, January 17, 2015

7 Romantic Getaways in Northern Utah

Valentines is just around the corner. Take a look at these Romantic Getaways in Northern Utah and plan a surprise trip for that special someone in your life.

7 Romantic Getaways in Northern Utah

1.Anniversary Inn -Bed and Breakfast 

Each room at the Anniversary Inn is themed. Themes range from Jungle Safari to Phantom of the Opera.

The Anniversary Inn has 4 different locations: South Temple in Salt Lake, 5th South in Salt Lake, Center Street in Logan and Lusk Ave. in Boise.

2.The Homestead Resort

Located in the charming town of Midway, Utah the homestead has its own hot water crater. In the winter you can go on a sleigh ride, and year round you can enjoy the crater.

3.Hotel Park City

With Skiing, Golfing and a Spa right at your fingertips what more could you want?

4.The Inn at Solitude

The Inn at Solitude features a true Ski-in/ Ski-out experience during the winter months.

5.The St. Regis Deer Valley 

The St. Regis Deer Valley features Dining, Spa, and Ski-in/Ski-out access; a bonus to these aspects are the amazing views overlooking Park City.

6.Washington School House Hotel 

Located in Park City, what was once a school house is now a hotel. This property is close to the town ski lift and has an abundance of historical charm.

7.Sundance Mountain Resort 

The Sundance experience is one of a kind, stay in one of the luxurious accommodations while experiencing the peacefulness of being tucked away in the mountains.

Friday, January 16, 2015

8 Things to do in Wasatch County this Winter

1.Go on a Sleigh Ride at the Homestead Resort in Midway.
2.Go Tubing at Soldier Hollow
3.Go Ice Skating at the Midway City Ice Rink; open through March 2015
4.Go Cross Country skiing
6. Outdoor activities such as:
  • Build a snow man 
  • Have a snowball fight 
  • Go Sledding 
  • Go Ice Fishing 
  • Snowmobiling
7.Go to the Jordan world Circus; Thursday February 5 at the Wasatch County Events Center. 

8.See the Performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang March 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 21

What would you add to the list? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

16 New (Active) Listings in Wasatch County

There are 16 active residential listings that listed between 1/1/15-1/12/15 in Wasatch County. 

16 New Residential Listings in Wasatch County

192 W 100 N, Midway (MLS 1275251) 

Heber City Residential Property
1460 S Westview Dr #1313 Heber City

1460 S Westview Dr #1313, Heber City (MLS 1275245)

852 W Carving Edge Ct, Heber City (MLS 1275262)

Midway Residential Property
497 E Mission Dr #151 Midway 

497 E Mission Dr #151, Midway (MLS 1275214)

635 E Willow Cir #37, Heber City (MLS 1274996)

Midway Residential Property
1350 N Montaban Midway 

1350 N Montaban, Midway (MLS 1274954)

2286 E Flat Top Mountain Dr #86  Heber City (MLS 1274692) 

Heber City Residential Listing
10245 E Lake Pines Dr #1163 Heber City 

10245 E Lake Pines Dr #1163 Heber City (MLS 1274791) 

328 E Bern Way Midway (MLS 1274711)

Heber City Residential Listing
370 E 500 S Heber City 

370 E 500 S Heber City (MLS 1274363) 

895 Benjamin PL #218 Heber City (MLS 1274039)

3058 E Bench Creek Rd Woodland (MLS 1274628)

Heber City Residential Listing
1438 Hailstone Dr Heber City 

1438 Hailstone Dr Heber City (MLS 1273904)

1885 E Fieldstone Ln Heber City (MLS 1273847)

857 W Carving Edge Ct Heber City (MLS 1274397)

337 W Royal Troon Heber City (MLS 1273826) 

Snow Day in Wallsburg

During the past few days Wallsburg has seen a lot of snowfall. Winter in the mountains offers many breathtaking views. 

Snow Day in Wallsburg

This year we didn't see very much snow before Christmas. Since Christmas we have been seeing more regular snowfall. 

Red Barn with Snow in Wallsburg, UT

Wallsburg Snowfall Records:

The record for the most snow fall in September was set in 1900 with 10.3 inches of snow.
25.0 inches of snow in 1912 set the record for October. 

Snow in Wallsburg

November's record was set with 33.5 inches in 1909.
66.0 inches set December's record in 1916.

Winter in Wallsburg

In 1916 79.4 inches of snow fell setting January's record.
February's record was set with 58.5 inches of snow in 1899.

Winter Day in Wallsburg

In 1904 March saw a snowfall of 78.5 inches.
Aprils record was set in 1909 with 33.5 inches of snow. 

Snow Day in Wallsburg, Utah

Mays record was set in 1905 with 38.0 inches.
June of 1894 saw a snowfall of 12.0 inches. 

Snow Covered Fields in Wallsburg

 January 29,1980 holds the record for the most snowfall in one day with 28.0 inches of snow.

Snowy Roads Wallsburg

"When snow falls nature listens." ~Antoinette van Kleeff

~Brian Olsen, WWR 

Snowfall Records found at

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

25 Books for 2015

When I am showing homes to people I love to see the book shelves and the libraries.  I love to read and carry a book with me almost all the time for those few minutes that I can squeeze in some extra reading.
Along with my list of 25 suggestions check out  Library Home Designs for a few ideas to create your next library.

This list includes a few books that I have read and recommend, a few I am currently reading and a few that I want to read this year, 2015.
(affiliate links are included in this post for your convenience)

25 Books for 2015

This book written by Napoleon Hill teaches invaluable lessons about the power of our thoughts on our journey to riches.  "...more gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has ever been taken from the earth."

2. Rush Revere
This trilogy is one we started reading aloud last year and will continue in 2015. Its a great way to make History come alive for adults and children alike.

3.Rich Dad Poor Dad
This is a book I read years ago and now my son-in-law and daughter have also read it. Its interesting to learn what Robert Kiyosaki was taught that helped him become who he is today. The difference in what the rich teach there children vs. what the poor and middle class teach teach their children, either verbally or by example.  Kiyosaki has a new book recently released that also looks good called, Second Chance: For Your Money and Your Life.

4. The Challenger Sale
This book by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson will change the way you think about sales and how you provide value for your clients.  "They (clients) expect salespeople to teach them things they don't know."  No longer can salespeople ask, "What is keeping you up at night?" and then seek for a solution for their client.  The sale comes in providing value, helping your client discover new ideas and innovations that will get them so excited that they can't sleep at night.

5.  The Book of Mormon
I read this book every day to better understand and come closer to my Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.  It also helps me understand the Bible.  The scriptures together with a living prophet to guide and teach us in our day comforts me in a world that is becoming more and more cold hearted.  I highly recommend everyone read The Book of Mormon this year and every year.

6.  Act in Doctrine and Increase in Learning both by David A. Bednar I am currently reading and they are excellent books.  Elder Bednar I feel is picking up where Neal A. Maxwell left off.

7.  Ronald Reagan by Dinesh D'Souza
I picked up last Summer and it is on my list to read this year.  President Reagan was the best leader of our nation since Abraham Lincoln in my opinion and Mr. D'Souza has done great work with his documentary about Obama and his most recent work America, I was excited to see that he had written about President Reagan.

8.  Benjamin Franklin's The Art of Virtue by Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin has always impressed me for his continual effort to improve.  I'm excited to read this book this year.


 9.  The Cleansing of America by W. Cleon Skousen
This is a great book about the United States of America and her prophesied destiny in the last days.  I highly recommend it.

10.  Harry Potter Series .
I know I should have read these already like the rest of mankind that is 10 years or older.  I read aloud the first book last year with my children and last week we started the 2nd book.  We'll see how many I get read with my children this year.

11.  Michael Vey Series
In 2011 Richard Paul Evans published a fiction book called Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25.  I've liked Evans books so I got this book right after it came out and read it and really enjoyed it.  Since then Evans has come out with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th books in the series and I haven't ready any of the three.  Four of my children have read them all and really enjoyed them.  I've got them on my list to read this year!

12.   The Quotable Lewis
This book I am plan to buy this year, The Quotable Lewis by Wayne Martindale & Jerry Root.  C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors and this book looks awesome.  One of those books that you can grab off the shelf and just read a few quotes to start your day.  Like the Neal A. Maxwell Quote Book by Cory H. Maxwell, which is on my list to buy this year as well.

13.  Walking on Water
I've heard this is a great book and one that I want for my library and I plan on purchasing and reading it this year.  S. Michael Wilcox is a great author and I have enjoyed many of his books.

14.  Do Fathers Matter?
If you are wondering if I buy every book that I read the answer is almost.  I heard Paul Raeburn, the author of Do Fathers Matter? on a talk show last summer and I was very impressed.  Our family does have a library card and I plan to check this one out from the library to read soon.

15.  Unbroken
I also plan to read, from the library, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand which I have heard is a really good book.

16.  Man's Search for Meaning
An excellent book by Viktor Frankl, which is a must read.  I've read it a couple of times.  Frankl is a survivor of the Holocaust and his re-counting of experiences and his counsel on the meaning of life are powerful.  Today so many people tell you that you need to be true to yourself and you need to find out who you are.  To find yourself follow Frankl's counsel, "The more [someone] forgets himself, giving himself to a cause or another person - the more human he is...the more he really becomes himself."

17.  Charles Murray
I recently have heard some quotes of Charles Murray that impressed me and have seen a few books of his that look good:  The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting AheadComing Apart: The State of White America ; American Exceptionalism: An Experiment in History


 18.  The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
I was given this book written by Gary Keller and I've heard a number of people comment that it is a really good book.

19.  The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy
Our family has recently become distributors of Ameo Essential Oils which are proven to pass human cell membranes (it is really cool to see the microscopic proof).  I am learning a ton about essential oils and health and this book has some pretty deep stuff.  I don't know if I will get all 500+ pages (super small print) read, but I'm going to be studying it this year.

20.  The Autoimmune Solution
This book by Amy Myers, M.D. just released looks intriguing.  My wife is constantly talks about the inflammation in the body and I'd like to see what Myers take is on it.

21.  The Looking Glass Wars
Frank Beddor's first book in this series was written in 2007 and my son suggested I read it a couple of years ago.  It is a very well written book that plays on the Alice in Wonderland tale.  There are two more books in the series which my son said are great.  Beddor also has a four volume series of Hatter M which looks good.

22.  The Great and Terrible
This series by Chris Stewart were some of my favorite books to read.  Stewart gives a great view of the pre-mortal life, family relations and the effect of an EMP on our country.  A series of six (6) books that are really fun to read.

23.  The Extraordinary Leader
I've heard a lot of good things about this 2009 book written by John H. Zenger and Joseph R. Folkman and I look forward to reading it this year.

24.  The Millionaire Mind
Thomas J. Stanley also wrote The Millionaire Next Door which was a very successful book.  I've not read either, though I have heard many excellent excerpts and quotes from The Millionaire Next Door.

25.  Killing Jesus
Bill O'Reilly also has recently published, Killing Patton, Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln that are very popular and I've heard they are really good. 

One last suggestion is to set your kindle, ipad, laptop etc. aside and sink your teeth into a good hard copy.  Along with the love of a good book it may help you sleep better.

What books would you recommend?  What books are you reading now?  What books are you planning to read this year?

 "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul. We become the books we read.”  Matthew Kelly

Brian Olsen, WWR

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