Saturday, December 27, 2014

Selling Property vs Advertising Property - Being Ready to Show

I have a gorgeous property listed in the mountains of Northern Utah; Wallsburg to be exact.  It is not too far from civilization; it is easily accessible year round (a paved driveway) and there is no inversion to deal with (check out the home here ).

When I first met with the sellers and we talked about selling their home (they did the "for sale by owner" for a few weeks, but that is another story), one of the things I made sure we discussed was their schedule for showing their home.  If you are ready to sell, then you should be flexible and READY to sell.  The sellers have been great and exemplified it just recently when a realtor contacted me just before 1:00 PM and asked if she could bring a client by at 3:30 PM to go through the home.

Many people complain that it is the realtor that is not on the ball and should be more empathetic to a seller so they have plenty of time to prepare their home for showings.  My experience has shown that most buyers want to see the home they just drove by (yes buyers still drive around looking for homes) or they just saw on the internet on their schedule and not the sellers schedule.

I also have a really nice condo in American Fork with an unfinished basement, so a lot of opportunity to build equity and located close to everything.  The seller had the same opportunity recently when a potential buyer was in the complex looking at a different unit and called to see if they could go through my sellers unit and my client was great (I believe this was more of an unprepared realtor, rather than the buyer).  He answered my phone call and the potential buyer went through the condo about 10 minutes later (check out the condo here).

I believe the biggest trick, once your home is staged, is to get in some habits that you do every day when you get up and throughout the day.  Some good habits are like making your bed, putting away dirty clothing, doing the dishes or at least rinsing and putting them in the dishwasher and keeping the pet area clean and ready to remove to a discrete location versus next to the dining room table.

For a pretty good list of ideas and also a great blog on decluttering your home, check out Uncle Bob's Self Storage and good luck not just listing your home, but showing and selling your home.

Brian Olsen, WWR

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Staging your Home during the Holidays

Staging is intended to help a home sell; knowing this as you decorate for the holidays make sure your decorations enhance the appeal of your home.

1. Keep the lights simple

Home Staging: Simple Christmas Lights
If you are putting lights on the exterior of your home you want them to add to the appeal of the home. Make sure your lights don't make it hard to see what your home looks like without the lights.

2. Christmas Tree

Photo: kidsonlineworld

When putting up your Christmas tree a couple things to think about are position and size. Even with a Christmas tree in your home you want the home to feel spacious.

3. Smell

Are there some smells that make you feel at home, while others don't? Make sure your home has enticing smells, though not over powering. Having potpourri, a diffuser or wax melts going are a few ideas. 

4. Decorations 

Keep the decorations simple, don't let it look cluttered. 

Home of the Day: Highland

Highland Utah Home

4704 W Killarney Dr Highland,UT 

Highland Utah Home: 3 Bathrooms

3 Bathrooms 

Highland Utah Home: 7 Bedrooms

7 Bedrooms 

Highland Utah Home: 5598 SQ FT

5,598 Square Feet 

Photos and information from the Wasatch Front MLS

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Home of the Day: Alpine

936 E Ostler Ct Alpine, UT 

Pool and Spa 

11,400 Square Feet 

7 Bedrooms 

6 Full Bathrooms 

For more information visit

Photos and information from the Wasatch Front MLS

Neighborhood, City, Town, State Data Search

Are you planning to make a move soon?  Would you like to be able to review information concerning schools, taxes, parks, demographics, night life, etc. for any given location?  I am often asked questions about certain areas and their crime rates, school classroom sizes, open space, etc.  So to better assist you in obtaining information about any desired location here are some websites that you may want to look at: - this is a cool website, but takes some maneuvering to find what you want - this site has a cost; we recommend you research reviews before you provide payment

Have you used a website not listed which has been useful in learning about any given town, city or state where you are thinking of moving?  If so please comment and let us know to add it to our list.

"Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with."  Robert Staughton Lynd

Happy Search!
Brian Olsen, WWR

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Home of the Day: American Fork

American Fork Condo

63 S 100 W #1 American Fork, UT

2,400 Square Feet 

2 Bedrooms 

2 Baths

Click here for more information and to schedule a showing. 

Photos and information from the Wasatch Front MLS 

Large Family Homes (7+ Bedrooms)

Provo, UT 8 Bedroom Home

Provo, Utah 
 3,404 Square Feet 
8 Bedrooms

Park City Home 7 Bedrooms

Park City, UT 
6,700 Square Feet
7 Bedrooms 

Cedar Hills Home 7 Bedrooms

Cedar Hills, UT
5,041 Square Feet
7 Bedrooms 

Lindon Home 8 Bedrooms

Lindon, UT 
6,424 Square Feet
8 Bedrooms 

Heber City Home 7 Bedrooms

Heber City, UT
6,850 Square Feet
7 Bedrooms 

Highland Home 7 Bedrooms

Highland, UT
5,598 Square Feet
7 Bedrooms 

Photos and information from the Wasatch Front MLS 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Home of the Day: Wallsburg

475 W Ranch Road Wallsburg, UT 84082

475 W Ranch Rd Wallsburg, UT 84082

475 W Ranch Road Wallsburg, UT 84082

3,500 Square Feet 

475 W Ranch Road Wallsburg, UT 84082

2 Baths 

475 W Ranch Road Wallsburg, UT 84082

4 Beds 

For more information and to request follow this link

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Logan, Utah - USU - Utah State University

I contacted a friend of mine today in Logan, Utah to find a good realtor to whom I may refer a client of mine that is planning to move to the Cache Valley.  And doing so has caused me to reminisce a little about this beautiful location in northern Utah.
Many of you might not know but Utah State University is my school. I graduated from USU a few years ago and loved attending school there. I was very actively involved in the International Students program called the Presidents Ambassadorship Council while I attended school. Besides finding and marrying my very best friend while attending USU I made some life long friends from all over the world. One of which I was lucky enough to see again at my daughters wedding almost two years ago now.  He and his wife are from Bangledesh and some of the greatest people I know.  I need to make time to see them more often.


Ok enough about the past. Have you seen what has been happening at USU? They have built a miniature dam.  From this they engineer and build trial dams currently helping in the building of a dam in California and also for help in Utah.

Check out the video here.

So any of you Utah State Aggies out there give me a shout out for an awesome university and a beautiful valley!

Brian Olsen, WWR

How many Bricks does it take to build your house?

Does someone in your house like to play with Legos? Have you ever wondered how many Lego bricks it takes to build your house? Try Lego My House by Movoto you just need the square footage and number of stories to see how many bricks it would take to build your house.

Happy Building!

Brian Olsen, WWR

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Escape the City

According to KUTV here are the best places in the U.S. to Escape Civilization.

1. Rampart Mountain (Montana) for Camping

2. High Peaks Wilderness (New York) for Hiking

3. Wildcat Beach (California) for Sun-tanning

4. Wasatch Mountains (Utah) for Game Tracking

5. Wilderness Waterway (Florida) for Canoeing

6. Mooney Falls (Supai, Arizona) for Waterfalls

7. Angle Inlet (Minnesota) for Fishing

8. U.S. Route 50 (Nevada) for Driving

9. Little Diomede Island (Alaska) for Russia Watching

Where do you go to escape the city? 

Home Staging

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