Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heber City Real Estate Market

Heber City Real Estate Market

Monday, May 19, 2014

Wasatch County April 2014 Market Report

The average sold price of property in April 2014, jumped $46,904.00 or 13.8% from March 2014.
Are you looking to buy or sale property in Wasatch County?  Let me know if you would like market information for your specific area.

Wasatch County April 2014 Market Report

Brian Olsen, WWR

Friday, May 16, 2014

Stay where you are or Move out of state?

Do you like where you live or are you wanting to move out of state?  What is the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".

A Gallup poll asked the question, "Regardless of whether you will move, if you had the opportunity, would you like to move to another state, or would you rather remain in your current state?"

Take a look here to see how the residents of your state ranked.  How do you feel about where you live? Would you move if you had the opportunity?

Brian Olsen, WWR
Sounds like a mental question; I often wonder what state I'm in :-)

Real Estate Laughs

Finding the ideal home isn't always easy, it can be time consuming and frustrating. So here's something to take away the stress for a minute...


Brian Olsen, WWR

The most wasted off all days is one without Laughter. ~ E.E. Cummings 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

America's Best Cities for Raising a Family

According to Forbes Provo, UT is number 10 for America's Best Cities for Raising a Family.

Check out these amazing homes currently listed in Provo, UT. There are homes for those in all walks of life, from those buying a home for the first time to those looking for a second home or investment property (home information is obtained from the Wasatch Front Multiple Listing Service).

4345 N Stafford Ct, $2,450,000, 8 Bedrooms, 6 Full Baths, 9,694 Square Feet 

4634 N Hillside Dr, $ 449,000, 6 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, 4,281 Square Feet

536 N 970 W, $238,000, 5 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, 3,200 Square Feet  

778 E 950 S, $117,500, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bath, 1,068 Square Feet  

Contact me to buy or sell property, in Provo or in Palisades (glad to refer a realtor for Palisades).
Happy House Hunting!!

Brian Olsen, WWR
Information and Photos from the Wasatch Front MLS

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Real Estate is The Best Long Term Investment, says Americans

Where is the best place to put your money?  Putting money in the bank is definitely not the best place if you are looking to get any reasonable return.

Stocks hit a new all time high today; the DOW Jones closed at 16,695 and the NASDAQ 4,143; so is the stock market the best place to put your money?

How about a CD?  Many call these the Certificates of Death.  These are almost as bad as a savings account.

Well let's get to it!  The best place as per a Gallup Economy article earlier last month, most Americans feel that the best place to invest is in Real Estate!!

Where are you putting your money?  Mortgage rates hit a new low as per Inman News so why not put your money into real estate or some of your money and some of a lenders money.

Happy Investing!
Brian Olsen, WWR

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Your New Homes' History?

Why are you selling your home?  Have you ever asked or been asked that question?

If we are on the buying end we want to know if there is a problem and avoid buying a home that will have problems.

Here is a great video to emphasis the point of research on a property:  Help Avoid a Raid on Your Home.

What has been your experience of discovery after the home purchase?
Brian Olsen, WWR

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Hellen Keller

Thursday, May 8, 2014

HOA Transfer Fees & FHA Incompatible???

When buying or selling a property which is part of an HOA or PUD, often a "Transfer Fee" is charged at settlement by the association or development.  The fee stays with the development and hopefully it is used wisely to maintain or improve the community.

It sounds like FHA is considering disallowing buyers to obtain financing if a development charges a transfer fee.  Read about the issue more here.

Things must be kind of slow at Fannie & Freddie and they need to justify their salaries, so why not figure out another way to restrict and regulate the buying and selling of property.

"Things in our country run in spite of government, not by the aid of it"  Will Rogers

Brian Olsen, WWR

Stage Your Home Well to Help it Sell

Home Staging RESA Infographic

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wasatch County April 2014 Market Report

For those of you interested here is a summary of the real estate market in Wasatch County for the month of April, 2014:

Wasatch County April 2014 Market Report

More Flood Insurance Maps

You may not want to read more about flood insurance than what I have already posted:

2-15-2014 Wallsburg Flooding
2-21-2014 National Flood Insurance Program
3-4-2014 Flood Insurance Update
3-27-2014 National Flood Insurance Program Revisited

So, I'll keep it brief and just give you a resource if you are concerned if the new home you are buying or building is within a flood zone, you can get more information by following following the steps outlined in the attached pdf:

FEMA Flood Zone Map Instruction.pdf

What has been your experience with Flood Insurance?

"The flood of print has turned reading into a process of gulping rather than savoring." Raymond Chandler

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen, WWR

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Size of Home Matters???

One of the first questions I ask a client looking for a new home is what size of home is ideal.  How many square feet, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.

In college my wife and I had an apartment that was about 600 sf and we could only fit a twin size bed in it.  It is a great story for my children, since I didn't walk to school in the snow uphill both ways.  Now I'm pretty comfortable in a five bedroom, three bathroom home, however there seems to be a trend of going towards smaller living spaces.

Check out a great story here of a couple that downsized and built a 'Tiny Home".


"The question shouldn't be is there life after death but is there life before death"  Kate Mille

Brian Olsen, WWR

Friday, May 2, 2014

Utah $8,000.00/night Getaway

I love Utah for the diverse landscape from the northern borders to the southern and I learned today that a lot of very wealthy people enjoy the desert of Utah in a private secluded retreat.

How about a little getaway in the middle of nowhere in Utah for a mere $8,000.00/night.  Amangiri is the place for you! 

Check out this story about an incredible looking resort in the deserts of Utah.  Sorry I don't have a personal experience I can share with you, yet.

Brian Olsen, WWR

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Springville Town Home - Willow HOA

Springville, also known as Art City is a great location for residential living.  It is only a few minutes to I-15 and from there a few more minutes to Provo. In Springville you can have a small town feel.

I recently listed a wonderful town home in great condition in the Willow HOA which has great amenities and is in the north part of Springville.

Check out the home here and give me a call to go through the home:

Brian Olsen, WWR
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