Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wallsburg ~ Flooding

An often discussed item during the due diligence period of purchasing real estate is if the property is in a FEMA designated flood plain.  If the property is in a flood plain it may be worth  hundreds of dollars per year in flood insurance costs to have the property surveyed and obtain an accurate elevation of the property so that you will receive a more specific insurance quote.
I guess one thing about flood insurance as I understand it is that the rates offered are the same no matter which carrier you use.

Now let me explain the pictures below which were taken this past week mostly around my home and nearby.  It will be 17 years this year that I have lived in Wallsburg and I have never seen this much water running down the road and through my property.  The ditch in front of our home has never seen water running in it that I know of.  With warm temperatures and a lot of rain this is what we get.  And may I add we are grateful for the moisture.  We need it and have been praying for it.

A few homes in Wallsburg got some water running in them, however a lot of helping hands and shovels and the water was diverted from the homes.  It made for an exciting Sunday and Thursday.

Flooding in Wallsburg along Road

Flooding in Wallsburg through trees

Flooding along road in Wallsburg

Flooding Yard- Wallsburg Utah

Ditch of water -Wallsburg Utah

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