Friday, July 20, 2018

Wasatch County Q2 2018 Single Family Stats

The Utah Housing Market is on a tear, right? So what does the latest reporting mean that Salt Lake City had the 2nd largest Year-Over-Year inventory increase in the nation?

Basic economics of Supply & Demand, says that when the supply increases of any given product the price of that product will decrease.

The number of Single Family Homes for sale 2nd Quarter 2018 in Wasatch County was approx 15% lower than Q2 2017 and the Average Sales Price was over 25% higher in Q2 2018.

The Average Days on the Market before a home went under contract decreased by approximately 35%, which I believe is also a reflection of less inventory.

Sellers are still having a hard time judging the market value of their homes - the Sales Price as a Percentage of Original Price dropped from 99% in Q2 2017 to 97% Q2 2018.

So, is it a seller's market as you often hear?
It is estimated that there is an approximately 6-month inventory of Single Family Homes for sale in Wasatch County. It is generally accepted that a supply of 6 months or more is a Buyers Market.

For what it's worth, now is a great time to buy a home in Wasatch County.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Recently Purchased 4-plex in Nephi, Utah!

My client recently purchased this amazing 4-plex in Nephi, Utah. 
Have you ever considered buying an investment property?
In 2017 there were 155 4-plexes that sold in Utah.
This may be the perfect place for your investment or personal property.

Each unit of this two story 4-plex has 3 bedrooms, 
2 bathrooms and 1300 square feet. It is located 
on a .58 acre lot and was built in 2007.

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and to find your ideal property.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
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Monday, April 30, 2018

SLC Crown Burger and Development

Hey everyone, I am in Salt Lake City today. I don't get to come up here very often now that I'm in Real Estate and not construction and stay in the Wasatch Back more. I just had lunch at Crown Burger on North Temple. And if you've never had lunch at Crown Burger you've got to put that on your bucket list, it is great food; their pastrami on their Crown Burger is so good. But I just wanted to point out a couple things, it is fun to see what is happening in Salt Lake. 

As I looked across from Crown Burger there use to be a hotel that was called Temple Inn and they demolished it last year. You can see it right there and they are building a new multi-unit residential building. It will have 240 units in it and has a couple floors of parking. So it's exciting to see that they've got some housing going in here. 

I know that Salt Lake passed some changes to their zoning around their transit areas so that they encourage more restaurants and cafes and shops on the ground level. I don't know if this will have it, but it's exciting to see. But this is close to the Triad Center, close to the Gateway. You can see right down here, that old building with the water tower-the red building-the Salt Lake Hardware Building, that is the coolest building. 

Years ago, back in the early 90's I had an opportunity to go in there before they started doing some remodeling. And the building was built in the early 1900's and at the time it had like some 5 acres of floor space. It was the biggest warehouse type building west of Chicago I think is what I heard. Anyway, I think it was Gastronomi who bought the building and did a lot of restoration on it. It's a really neat building and now they've got some other residential and Class-A office space over there by the hardware building. 

Anyway, fun to be in Salt Lake, I'm glad we don't have the inversion, nice to have some beautiful snow. But I do like living in the Wasatch Back, so if you're in Salt Lake and you want a second home or a home in the Wasatch Back, get a hold of me, I'd love to help you find a place up there. And then you can come to Salt Lake and visit like what I do. 

Anyway, take care everyone and we'll stay in touch.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, April 23, 2018

Recently purchased Cabin in Heber City, Utah!

A client of mine recently purchased this beautiful 
cabin in the Timber Lakes development in Heber City, Utah. 
Are you looking for your ideal vacation or second home? Only 30 
minutes from Park City, Timber Lakes may be a perfect place for you.

This 4 bedroom/3 bathroom, Single Family, 
Log Cabin was built in 2002. With 1.6 acres, 
a wraparound porch, and 3,400 square feet.

Please contact me today for additional information
and to find your ideal property.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
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Monday, April 16, 2018

Remodel Spaces - Bunk Beds

Hey everyone, I'm in Midway with a client here from California. They got a home a little while ago and it's a second home, but they have family, a lot of family, in Utah and around. So when they bought this home they talked about doing some remodeling. So they took this one room, and it's a big room, but they put these bunk-beds in and I just have to show you this. 

So they now have room to sleep ten, they've got six of the single and then the two on the end are double size beds. They put this in here and it is such a nice room. So a lot of people, especially when they are doing a second home, like a vacation home, when they are looking to have family reunions, that type of thing wonder, "okay, can we put bunk beds in, how can we get more people to sleep in this, because we're going to have family coming over and we have grandchildren."

I just wanted to show this so if you have a desire to do something like this, whether it's your own home, you have a lot of children, or you have a vacation property and you want to be able to get enough people comfortable and have enough beds and not have everyone sleeping on the floor, this is just a great way to do things. 

So if you have a question, let me know. We can hook you up with a contractor or this gives you an idea if you already have a contractor. Good luck with your projects, hope you had a great Christmas and have a great new year.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
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Monday, April 9, 2018

Recently Purchased Parcel in Heber City, Utah!

This beautiful parcel recently sold and is located 
in the Timber Lakes development in Heber City, Utah. 
Are you looking for a mountain setting to build your dream home? Only 30 
minutes from Park City, Timber Lakes may be a perfect place for you.

This parcel is .66 acres and has a small stream that runs
along one side of the property. With over 20 parcels 
currently for sale in the Timber Lakes area,
 there are a variety of options to choose from.

Contact me today for additional information
and to find your ideal property.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108

Monday, April 2, 2018

Heber City Views - Jordanelle Ridge

Hey everyone, hope you've had a good New Year's and your year is starting out well. Just wanted to give you some information about an area that I haven't been over to for a few months, and have a client from out of state that wanted some information on - Jordanelle Ridge; a development just off of Highway 40 on your way to Park City, north end of Heber. 

Anyway, it's a great development and one of the things my client was asking, he says, I want a place with a view and in Heber there's not a lot of areas with views, I mean there are some areas, but anyway this is one of the best. This area had nine homes and two town-homes that sold last year. They currently only have two town-homes and two single-family homes that are for sale right now, but you can see this view. This is the little clubhouse and swimming pool that they have, and you can see the the view of Timpanogos over there. 

You know it's like I say, it's one of the few areas, and not every home in the the development has a perfect view, but it has somewhat of a view. In fact let me just show you,  here's the other view, you're looking up towards Deer Valley and then you can see up here they're starting the next phase of this Jordanelle Ridge. Not sure how soon they're going to be having homes ready for sale or lots for sale. 

But anyway if you're interested, you're close to Park City, you can jump right on here you can be over to the gondola and up into Deer Valley really easily, you can head up to Kamas this way, up to Victory ranch, you're close to Heber and Midway. It is a really great development. 

So if you're interested and want to check it out give me a call, I'll let you know what's available. I'm sure there's going to be a few more things coming available just because they still have some fifty or sixty townhomes when the things complete. I can't remember exactly how many are complete to this point. 

But anyway, let me know if you want to get your new year started off with a second home or vacation home or new home in this area, let me know I'd love to help you. Take care.

Best Regards,
Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor
C: 801-318-3108
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